The Lagrange Institute, Paris, has recently launched a fundraising campaign creating a postdoctoral fellowship, “The Sophie Germain Fellowship”, dedicated to supporting outstanding women scientists in cosmology, fundamental physics and particle physics.

Women have made major contributions in fundamental physics and cosmology, but face many barriers to their success and, as a consequence, are strongly underrepresented, especially in senior positions. Solving the mysteries of the Universe and fundamental physics demands the best brains from more than just half of humanity. We believe we cannot afford to lose a large percentage of the available talent pool. Just as important, women deserve the same opportunities as men to have stimulating and rewarding careers in physics. The dearth of women in physics is an urgent concern, and we want to help redress the balance.

Support this campaign to bring outstanding early-career women physicists and astronomers to the Lagrange Institute as Sophie Germain Fellows. Your support comes at a crucial career stage, when building the research portfolio that is critical for success in the competition for permanent positions.

For more information on our fundraising campaign and support our initiative:
A collaborative art project is also being created thanks to your support: http://ilp.upmc.fr/sophiegermain.php

November 2015

Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris - 98 bis boulevard Arago - 75014 Paris