ASTRO FLUID 2016 at IAP - International Conference in memory of Jean-Paul Zahn
Monday, 27th - Thursday, 30th June 2016

The four-day conference, untitled Astro Fluid 2016, will illustrate the significant contributions of Jean-Paul Zahn, who passed away one year ago, along his carreer in several fields of stellar physics:

- Tides in stars and planets
- Seismology and Stellar Structure, Evolution, Rotation
- Convection, Magnetism and Dynamo
- Instabilities, turbulence and disks

For more details (program, registration, participants) see:


On Wednesday 29th at 9 pm a concert (free access) will be given on the Grand Organ of St Sulpice Church (Place St Sulpice, Paris 6e), by Daniel Roth, resident organist and Jean-Paul’s friend, with the participation of Dominique Proust, organist and astronomer at the Paris-Meudon Observatory. All the staff of the IAP and the Paris Observatory is invited. Pieces of Bach, Mendelssohn, Herschel, Vierne, Saint-Saëns, will be played.

June 2016

Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris - 98 bis boulevard Arago - 75014 Paris