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The new class of PhD students and post-doctoral fellows have joined the IAP in september and october 2016.

During the welcome meeting that was held on November 15th, the IAP directors presented the activities of the lab and the organization of research in France. The diversity of the subjects that will be addressed by these young researchers is large. Representative of this fact, their work at the IAP is funded by many sources: ministerial scholarships, European fellowships, Labex ILP and CNES fellowships, international collaborative programmes, private funding (to find out more, see Partnerships). The entire staff of the IAP wishes them a fruitful stay, and many rich scientific exchanges.

The laboratory also congratulates the new doctors, who recently left the Institute at the end of their theses.

Post-doctoral fellows
Stefano Anselmi “Constrain cosmological parameters from the galaxy and/or void correlation functions”
Paz Beniamini “Models of the prompt and afterglow emission of gamma-ray bursts”
Luciano del Valle Bertoni “Growth, feedback and dynamics of massive black holes”
Florian Führer “Non-linear structure formation in the Universe. Dynamics of the gravitational collapse of cold dark matter”
Sebastian Garcia-Saenz “Modified gravity”
Flavien Kiefer “Search for exoplanetary embryos and exocomets with the Kepler, Cheops, JWST and Plato missions”
Antoine Klein “Emission of gravitational waves by massive black holes”
Suvodip Mukherjee “Cosmic microwave background: B-mode polarization and spectral distortions”
Maxime Trebitsch “Radiation from high redshift black holes and galaxies”
PhD students
Corentin Cadiou “The origin of the Hubble sequence and the use of simulations to study the impact of cold gas filaments on the formation of galaxies”
Gohar Dashyan “Constraining the nature of dark matter by dynamical modeling and hydrodynamical simulations of dwarf spheroidal galaxies”
Camilia Demidem “Magnetohydrodynamic simulations (with embedded particles-in-cell) of particle acceleration in a magnetized turbulence”
Claire Guépin “Pulsars and high-energy astroparticles”
Doogesh Kodi-Ramanah “Fundamental cosmology from ultra deep sky surveys”
Hugo Pfister “Massive black holes in growing galaxies”
Adèle Plat “Modeling and interpretation of the spectral properties of primeval galaxies”
Adarsh Ranjan “Evolution of cold gas probed along the line-of-sight of distant quasars”
Matteo Rizzato “High-order correlation functions in the large-scale structure of the Universe. Exploitation of the Euclid mission”
Arno Vanthieghem “Numerical and theoretical studies of particle acceleration in relativistic astrophysical outflows”
Mo Yang “Comprehensive modeling of exoplanetary atmospheres and their magnetospheric interactions, and key observational signatures”
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December 2016

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