“The new challenges of cosmology”

After the success of the white night of astronomy in 2019, the Institut d'astrophysique de Paris (IAP) is organizing a new “Astronomy night - The new challenges of cosmology”, on Friday, June 26, 2020, from 7 p.m. to midnight. This evening will be part of a larger event, “The web in the stars” (in French), organized jointly by IAP and the Université de Paris-Saclay.

The overnight program will feature live and online lectures by young researchers from the lab. PhD students from IAP will take part in the event, and will try to summarize their thesis work in three minutes (in keeping with “My thesis in 180 seconds”, in French).

The evening will be hosted by Alice Thomas, videographer and science journalist, accompanied by Alexandre Barthélemy, PhD student in the lab. The Café des sciences' drawers (in French) will give live sketches of the speakers and present their drawings live on line.

The health crisis does not allow us to welcome the public in the institute. All presentations will be transmitted live on the Twitch channel Space_Thomalice. Internet users will be able to ask questions and interact with the speakers via the chat on Twitch. At the end of the evening, everyone will be able to take part in an online quiz that will be hosted by the video artists.

The live broadcast site is here, and the replay on YouTube is there.

Conference Programme

Introduction of the night
by Élisabeth Vangioni and Karim Benabed
18:50Beginning of the broadcast on the Twitch channel of Alice Thomas (videographer) Space_Thomalice : http://twitch.tv/space_thomalice
Amaël Ellien 19:00“Scattered light detection in galaxy clusters”
Hakim Atek19:05“30 years of the Hubble satellite and the future with the JWST satellite (James Webb Space Telescope)”
Live questions and drawings 19:40
Raphaël Duque 20:00“Gamma ray bursts in the era of gravitational waves: the Universe turns on sound”
Irina Dvorkin 20:05“Gravitational wave astronomy: a new window on the Universe”
Live questions and drawings 20:40
Lukas Furtak 21:00“Detection of galaxies with high spectral shift - Pushing the limits of instrumentation”
Clotilde Laigle 21:05“Between innate and acquired: genesis and becoming of galaxies within the cosmic web”
Live questions and drawings 21:40
Lucas Pinol 22:00“The Universe: from the 1st second to today”
Jean Baptiste Fouvry 22:05“Stellar dynamics in the vicinity of a supermassive black hole”
Live questions and drawings 22:40
François Larrouturou 23:00“When the Universe is chirping: listening to gravitational waves”
Laura Bernard 23:05“Testing general relativity with gravitational waves”
Live questions and drawings 23:40
Live and online quizzes
with internet users
End of the Night 00:30

The Café des sciences' drawers

puce Thibault Roy

puce Agatha Liévin-Bazin

puce Valentine Delattre

puce Mélanie


puce The Île de France Region through its program “The Major Area of Interest of Astrophysics and Conditions of Life Appearance” (DIM ACAV+, in French).

puce The CNRS Paris-Centre Regional Delegation (in French)

puce Sorbonne Université (in French)


puce Jean Mouette
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June 2020

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