IAP's class 2023 group picture
Photo: J. Mouette (IAP-CNRS-SU)


The new class of PhD students, post-doctoral fellows and engineer has joined the IAP in the fall of 2023.

During the welcome meeting that was held on October 18 2023, the organization of the institute was presented to the new class, as well as the information they might need and the people they may contact during their stay in the laboratory.

The diversity of the subjects that will be addressed by these young researchers and engineers is large. Representative of this fact, their work at the IAP is funded by many sources: ministerial scholarships (including a specific contract for students from Ecole Polytechnique), a “Physique des Infinis” Initiative (IPI) scholarship, fellowships from the Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales (CNES), a scholarship and a fellowship from the Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR) and from the European Research Council (ERC) (for more information, see Partnerships). The entire staff of the IAP wishes them a fruitful stay, and many rich scientific and technical exchanges.

The laboratory also congratulates the new doctors, who recently left the Institute at the end of their theses.

PhD students
Romane Cologni “Molecular and atomic gas in super spiral galaxies”
Nimatou Seydi Diallo “Feedback in galaxies: the role of cosmic rays”
Lorenzo Evangelista “Probing mechanical energy dissipation in active phases of galaxy evolution with James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) data”
Sofia Flores Morales “Stellar dynamics in galactic nuclei”
Tristan Hoellinger “Constraints on cosmological physics from cosmic web probes using the Euclid space telescope”
Eunhee Ko “The emergence of thin discs”
Rosa Malandrino “Machine Learning Cosmology with Cosmic Voids”
Kratika Mazde “Internal clocks in quantum cosmology”
Abineet Parichha “Numerical and theoretical study of dark matter halo dynamics”
Arthur Poisson “Probing cosmological inflation: precision physics, exploratory physics, and formal aspects”
Aline Vitrier “Cosmology with the South Pole Telescope (SPT)”
Théo Vrignaud “Exocomets”
Post-doctoral fellows
Etienne Camphuis “South Pole Telescope (SPT) data analysis”
Angelo Caravano “Lattice field theory simulations of inflation”
Céline Gouin “Reconstruction of the cosmic web”
Joseph Lewis “Galaxy formation in the era of the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) with numerical simulations”
Project engineers
Juan Serrano Bell “Research and characterization of exoplanets, in particular with SPIRou”
Frank Soldano “Participation in the validation of the deliverables of the performance verification phase of the VIS instrument of the Euclid space telescope”
Jingwei Wang “Software development for the scientific processing pipelines of the SVOM space mission”
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December 2023

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