Multi-wavelength Analysis of Galaxy Physical Properties




(c) 2019 E. da Cunha, S. Charlot, A. Battisti

NGC1672 image credit: NASA, ESA, & The Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)-ESA/Hubble Collaboration



MAGPHYS - Multi-wavelength Analysis of Galaxy Physical Properties - is a self-contained, user-friendly model package to interpret observed spectral energy distributions of galaxies in terms of galaxy-wide physical parameters pertaining to the stars and the interstellar medium, following the approach described in da Cunha, Charlot & Elbaz (2008), MNRAS 388, 1595.

The analysis of the spectral energy distribution (SED) of an observed galaxy with MAGPHYS is done in two steps:

     1.     The assembly of a comprehensive library of model SEDs at the same redshift and in the same photometric bands as the observed galaxy, for wide ranges of plausible physical parameters pertaining to the stars and interstellar medium.

     2.     The build-up of the marginalized likelihood distribution of each physical parameter of the observed galaxy, through the comparison of the observed SED with all the models in the library.

The MAGPHYS package is intended to be user-friendly. The code can run by simply following the installation instructions given in the documentation, and by editing two input files. No previous knowledge of the language in which the code is written (Fortran77) is required.

Using the links above you can download the full MAGPHYS package, the documentation containing instructions on how to install and use MAGPHYS on your UNIX machine, and the MNRAS da Cunha, Charlot & Elbaz (2008) paper.

NEW photo-z extension [August 2019]:

You can now also download the MAGPHYS-photoz extension, which allows the user to fit observed SEDs of galaxies without known redshifts, and constrain photometric redshifts simultaneously with all the other physical properties. Please read the paper by Andrew Battisti et al. 2019 for a detailed description.

For enquiries and feedback about MAGPHYS, do not hesitate to contact us, [Elisabete da Cunha, ANU & St├ęphane Charlot, IAP], or check out the new MAGPHYS News & User Community blog.

For specific enquiries about MAGPHYS-photoz, please contact Andrew Battisti (ANU).