Instrumentation 2016



The Opticon WG13 is co-organising the following school/workshop in 2016:

-An Eso/Opticon school on use and data reduction of two, new, VLT instruments: XShooter, and KMOS
 ESO-Garching, May 9-13
  Details on the Webpage at:
Registration is now open (closing date now set to March 5th, 2016)
This workshop is open to all active astronomers, not only students

  The workshop on technical aspects of Adaptive Optics and its use for Photometry,
initially planned in Cargese on April 2-8,
is postponed to 2017 due to local, organisation issues
In the mean time, we will contribute to a workshop on:
AO Wavefront Sensing in the VLT/ELT era
Marseille, Oct. 3-5, 2016
More info here soon