Awareness Conference "Hot topics in Astrophysics"
Sofia, September 25-October 1st, 2014

This conference brought together students from all over Europe,
particularly from the Eastern part, to interact with senior scientists,
and discuss the recent progress, and major open questions in Astrophysics.

About 50 participants gathered in a nice hotel in central Sofia,
including those students who had observed at the Rozhen Observatory the week before.
They came from 11 different countries in Europe or EU associated countries,
with obviously a larger participation from Bulgaria, in particular those scientists working in Sofia.

The program included practical work in the afternoons, with work on VO tools in Astrophysics,
as well as sessions on how to best write a good telescope time request.
The presentation of the proposals on the last day of the meeting, with the many questions about
the availability and Access to EUropean telescopes demonstrated the need and interest in such a program.
The meals taken together, and the various evening social programs, kindly organised by our local hosts,
created a nice ambiance and developped relations which will continue well beyond the school,
setting seeds for future scientific collaborations.

The conference room The conference room in Sofia


Michel Dennefeld (Paris): Telescopes and Instrumentation
Iulia Iafratte (Trieste): VO and practical work
Heidi Korhonen (Copenhagen): Stellar physics
Roger Ferlet (Paris): Exoplanets
Henry McCrackent (Paris): Cosmology and Euclid
Sandra Savaglio (Munich): Formation and evolution of galaxies
Martin Ward (Durham): Active Galactic Nuclei


Thursday, September 25th
Morning: Stellar physics, Instrumentation
Afternoon: Proposal writing, and Data reductions

Friday, September 26th
Morning:  Stellar Physics, Cosmology
Afternoon: Proposal writing, and Data reductions

Saturday, September 27th
Morning: Cosmology, AGN's
Afternoon: Proposal writing, and practical work

Monday, September 29th
Morning: Galaxies, Exoplanets
Afternoon: VO Practical work and Data reduction

Tuesday, September 30th
Morning: Galaxies, Exoplanets
Afternoon: VO Practical work, Preparation of the Presentations

Wednesday, October 1st
Presentation of the results
Evaluation of the telescope time requests
General Discussion

              The practical information was to be found on the LOC site, at: