The  NEON  observing   school

The Network of European Observatories in the North (NEON) organises a yearly observational
Euro summer school sponsored by the European Community.
The participating observatories are:

Asiago Observatory (Italy),
Calar Alto Observatory (Germany-Spain) and
Haute-Provence Observatory (France),
with additionnal tutorial assistance from ESO.

The purpose of the school is to provide opportunity to gain practical observationnal experience at the telescope, in observatories with state of the art instrumentation. To this effect, the school proposes tutorial observations in small groups of 3 students, under the guidance of an experienced observer, centered around a small research project and going through all steps of a standard observing program. Some introductory and complementary lectures will be given by experts in the field.

The school is placed under the responsability of a steering committee composed of:

Prof. Cesare Barbieri (University of Padova)
Prof. Michel Dennefeld (University of Paris) (Chair)
Dr. Denis Gillet (Obs. de Haute-Provence)
Dr. Roland Gredel (Calar Alto Observatory)
Dr. Anna Pasquali (ESO - ST/ECF)

The school is open to students working on a PhD thesis in Astronomy or Post-docs in the field, and which are nationals of a Member State or an Associated State of the European Union. The working langage is english. Up to eighteen participants will be selected by the organising comity and will have their travel and living expenses payed, if they satisfy the EC rules (age limit of 35 years at the time of the Euro Summer School).

An outline of the program, full practical details, and instructions  for the THIRD SCHOOL (September 2002),  can be found  in the next page, which will be regularly updated.

Michel Dennefeld , Coordinator of the NEON school.

A report on the Third Neon School, just finished in Asiago Observatory (September 2002) can be found in this page

A summary of the Second Neon School, which tool place in Haute-Provence Observatory, in France,  in July 2001, can be found at the following location.

A summary of the First Neon School, which was hold at Calar Alto Observatory in Spain in July 2000, can be found here.