The  Fifth NEON  Observing School

The fifth Neon Observing school (second one at the telescope in the new series) will take place at: 
  Haute-Provence Observatory (France) from July 23  to August 5, 2006

The principles are the same as in previous schools: introductory lectures on topics of general interest,  work in small groups, 
execution of a real research project,  presentation of the results at the end of the school.

For practical (and travel) information, see the OHP Web page

Tentative program:

Day 1 (July 23): Arrival of the students
Day 2-4: Introductory lectures, preparation of the observations

                                                             Monday 24:

9h00: Introduction, Practical details
 9h30-10h30 and 11h-12h:  Image quality analysis (R. Hook, ESO-ST/ECF)
!4h-15h30: Detectors in Astronomy (Ph. Feautrier, Grenoble)
16h-17h30:  Basics of spectroscopy (M. Dennefeld, Paris)
17h30: Presentation of the research programs by the tutors

                                                              Tuesday 25:

9h30-10h30:  Specifics of High-dispersion spectroscopy (Ph. Mathias, Nice)
11h-12h30: Fundamentals of photometry (S. Ilovaisky, OHP)
14h-15h: short visit of the observatory
15h---- Preparation of the observations

Night 2-7:
Days 3-12:  Data reduction and analysis
Additional lectures during the second week (14h00):
Tuesday, August 1th:  Actuality of Exoplanets search (F. Bouchy, IAP)
Wednesday, August 2d:   Introduction to aeronomy, and visit of the installations (C. Vialle, OHP)
Thursday, August 3d:   Introduction to interferometry (H. LeCoroller, OHP)
Friday, August 4th:    A short overview of european observing facilities (M. Dennefeld, IAP)

Day 13
(Friday, August 4th):       Presentation of the results; round table discussion on prospects in astrophysics
Day 14 (August 5): Departure

The school is open to PhD students in Astronomy or Post-docs with limited observing experience from all over Europe.
Selection of candidates will be made by the steering committee (see the general information about Neon schools).

Financial conditions: the school is mainly funded through an EU Marie-Curie program. 
Students from EU countries (or Associated Countries) can therefore benefit from grants to participate in this school.
This grant will cover all the local expenses, but probably not the travel costs (or only part of it). Candidates have  therefore
to complement this by local resources from their home institute.
(no specific form is required besides the general registration form)
Students from other european (non EU-member) countries are not entitled to EU financial support, but are nevertheless encouraged to apply.
Their application will be considered generously and possible financial support will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

For general information about the Neon school, see the EAS Web page.
  Details about this particular school (registration, schedule, practical information, etc...) will be posted regularly on this page,
but can also be consulted on the Haute-Provence Web page

The on-line registration will   open on December 1th, 2005 at ESO
(single registration form for both this OHP school and the second archival school at ESO) 

Deadline for registrationApril 30th, 2006

The final list of selected  participants has been released on  june 6th .