The 2011 NEON schools


The 2011 edition will feature two schools: 

       - The 9th Observing school at the telescope, which will take place at the Moletai Observatory in Lithuania, also using the NOT telescope in remote control, from July 14 to 27th.
A preliminary description and program can be found here.

        - The 4th Archive observing school, which will take place at ESO-Garching Headquarters,
from September 6 to 17th.
A preliminary program can be found here.

A single registration form is available for both schools (please indicate your preference, if any, for one school,  but "no preference" is also possible, we will then decide for you depending on seats available).
    Please do not forget to provide also a letter of reference, to be sent (within the fixed deadline) to the following adress: neon2011 (at)
Deadline for registrations is April 30th, 2011