Observing School 2014
Rozhen Observatory, Sept. 18-24, 2014

Preliminary program

                                    First week:  in Rozhen
Wednesday, Sept. 17th:  Arrival at the Observatory
                                                                                    Thursday 18th:
                                                                                          Morning: Introductory lectures
                                                                                                          Telescope optics and imaging: A. Pizzella (Padova)
                                                                                                           Low dispersion spectroscopy: M. Dennefeld (Paris)
                                                                                           Afternoon: preparation of the observations

                                                                                     Friday 19th:
                                                                                           Morning: Spectropolarimetry: S. Bagnulo (Armagh)
                                                                                                            Stellar Classification:  I. Iliev (Sofia)
                                                                                            Afternoon: Preparation of the observations

                                                                                     Nights of 19th to 22d (inclusive): observations
                                                                                     Afternoons of 20th to 23d: data reduction

                                                                                      Wednesday, Sept. 24th: return to Sofia

                                  Second week: in Sofia
                                                                                     Thursday 25th to Tuesday 30th:
                                                                                            Awareness conference in the morning (see the program on the Awareness page)
                                                                                             Data reduction, and other practical work in the afternoons
                &obsp»&nfsp;                                                                    Wednesday Oct. 1st: Presentation of the results, general discussion

                                                                                      Thursday Oct. 2d: return home

     Tutors: Galin Borisov, Patrick François, Ivanka Stateva, Kiril Stoyanov, Toma Tomov, Krisztian Vida

Some practical information can be found on the LOC site, at:  http://www.astro.bas.bg/school/