Observing School 2016
  Heraklion , June 19-July 2, 2016


                                    All lectures in the Physics Department, University of Crete:
Sunday, June 19th:  Arrival of the participants

                                                                                    Monday 20th:
                                                                                          Morning (starting 9:30):   Introductory lectures:
                                                                                                            Telescope optics and imaging, I (R. Hook, ESO)
                                                                                                            Introduction to Spectroscopy, I (M. Dennefeld, IAP-Paris)

                                                                                           Afternoon (starting 14h30): Telescope optics and imaging, II (R. Hook)
                                                                                                             The Skinakas Observatory (Prof. J. Papamastorakis, Heraklion)
                                                                                                             Practical work
                                            Preparation of the observations (work in Groups)

                                                                                     Tuesday 21th:
                                                                                           Morning:   Photometry, I (S. Ortolani, Padova)
                                                                                                             Introduction to Spectroscopy, II (M. Dennefeld)
                                                                                            Afternoon:   Photometry, II (S. Ortolani)
                                                                 Polarimetry and blazar monitoring (V. Pavlidou, Heraklion)
                                                                                                                Practical work
                     Preparation of the observations

                                                                                       Wednesday 22d:
                                                                                                                CCD's (P. Reig, Heraklion)
                                                                                              Afternoon: Transfer to Anogeia

                                   Nights of 22d to 26th (inclusive): observations with the 1.3m telescope at Skinakas Observatory
                                                                                     Afternoons of 22th to 25th: data reduction

                                                                                      Monday June 27th: transfer back to Heraklion in the late morning

                                                                                     Tuesday June 28 to Thursday 30th at the Physics Department in Heraklion:
                                                                                                 Mornings: Additionnal lectures (Hot Topics in Astrophysics)

                                                                                             X-rays observations of  galaxies (A. Zezas, Heraklion) 30/6
                                                                                             News in Stellar Physics (H. Korhonen, Kopenhagen) 29/6
                                                                                             Exoplanets (K. Tsiganis, Thessaloniki) 28/6
                                                                                             The Variable Sky (M. Dennefeld, Paris) 28/6
                                                                                             Jets in black-hole X-rays binaries (N. Kylafis, Heraklion) 29/6
                                                                                             Our Galaxy in the Gaia era (G. Gilmore, Cambridge) 30/6
                                                                                             How to write a good proposal (M. Dennefeld, Paris)
                                                                                                 Afternoons: Data reductions, preparation of the final presentations

                                                                                     Friday July 1st:  Presentation of the results
                                                                                                               General discussion (Careers, Jobs, etc...) 

                                                                                      Saturday July 2d: return home or stop in Athens for the EWASS meeting

      Tutors: Pablo Reig, Lorenzo Morelli, Jairo Mendez, Nancy Elias-Rosa, Tapio Pursimo
      Local coordinator: Iossif Papadakis

Some practical information will be found on the LOC site, at: