Molecules in the atmospheres of extrasolar planets proceedings

ASP Conf Series

 Deadline : January 15, 2009

                 Download macros here !

The Proceedings of the Molecules in the atmosphere of extrasolar planets will be published by The Astronomical Society of the Pacific, and one copy is included as part of the registration fee. To ensure prompt publication of the Proceedings, please submit your paper by the deadline and follow the instructions below. You may contact the editors if you have questions regarding your manuscript publication.

The editors are Jean-Philippe Beaulieu, Giovanna Tinetti and Ignasi Ribas.

Page limitation :

Invited orall review (40 minutes) 15 pages
Invited oral contribution (30 minutes) 10 pages
Oral contribution (20 minutes)  8 pages
Poster contribution  4 pages

If you need more than what you should normally be awarded, please contact us.

Checklist for paper submission :

Retrieve the instructions, LaTeX template, ASP Conf style file and sample file  by entering the download page.

You will find all details and examples in the authors instructions contained in the material of the download page.

Include an abstract. Papers without abstracts will be returned to the authors for correction.

All illustrations must be provided electronically in EPS format.

Check your paper carefully and make sure it processes through LaTeX without error.

Use a spell checker!

You must complete the ASP copyright form!

Authors of all presentations must complete the copyright agreement with the publisher, and the form must be returned to the proceedings editors before your paper can be accepted for publication. Authors must conform to the copyright policy of the proceedings publisher. Please retrieve the form from ASPC, or locally, fill it out, and fax it to +33 1 44 32 80 01, or by email to one of us (Beaulieu, Tinetti, or Ribas).

Now you are ready to submit your paper.

Please adhere to the following convention for naming your files:

Identify the LaTeX copy by using the name of the first author-initials, e.g., paper submitted by Georges Brown, brown-g.tex. Any EPS files should be identified in a similar way, e.g., brown-g-fig1.eps, brown-g-fig2.eps. Put all the files in a gzipped tar file,and send it by email to one of us (Beaulieu, Tinetti, or Ribas).