Molecules in the atmospheres of extrasolar planets

Reception in Cassini Hall, November 20, 2008




On November 20 the hosts of the conference have organised a special evening buffet that will consist of a luxury selection of fine wines, canapés, regional french cheeses and charcuterie, round off by an elegant selection of different desserts, typical to France. This evening reception will begin at 19:30, with a unique dance celebration by Tamara, and will be followed by the buffet.

Guests (non-conference participants) are welcome to join us,  subject to  an entry fee of 40 euros per person.  Please contact the hosts of the conference if you intend to bring guests.

Wine tasting exercice : We are at the dawn of complex molecules retrieval in extrasolar planet atmospheres, so it looks to us as being equivalent to the perfect moment in which to proceed with further inverse problem solving - blind wine tasting!