Dennefeld Michel

Astronomer, IAP/Paris and Sorbonne Universities (former P. et M. Curie (Paris 6))

Agrégé de Physique, ancien élève de l' ENS-Cachan

e-mail:   (or
phone number: (+33) 01 44 32 81 16 (omit the leading 0 when calling from outside France)       

Team: Origin and evolution of galaxies


Topics of Interest:

List of Publications: see ADS abstracts

Some former responsabilties:
-Fellow, then Staff at ESO (1973-1980)
-Member of the VLT working Group for spectroscopy (1984-1987)
-Associate Director of the IAP (1990-1994)
-Founder and Chair of the Neon Observing Schools (1999-2017), now under the EU ORP program)
-Chair of the IAU Commission 9 (Telescopes and Instrumentation, 2003-2006)
-French member of the Comite Cientifico International (CCI) of the Canarian Islands Observatories (2004-2011)
-Chair of the IAU Finance Comittee (2021-...)