Dear Contributor,

This is to remind you that the final deadline for submission of your paper for 
the proceedings of the XVIIth IAP Conference has been set to 

                           September 15, 2001.

To prepare your camera ready contribution, you are kindly requested to
use the
Conference files which can be retrieved from the anonymous IAP ftp

username: anonymous; password: your email address
cd /pub/from_users/ferlet/coll2001/
get template.tex
get conf_iap.sty

The file template.tex is a template proceedings LaTeX file which
contains instructions on the preparation and submission of the manuscript.
Thefile conf_iap.sty is the conference style file which must be in the same directory;
the file is a figure included in the template file as an example.
Please remember that the maximum lengths of contributions are 6, 4 and 2 pages 
for respectively invited reviews, contributed talks and posters.
The contributions to the XVIIth IAP Conference have been recognized of
sufficient and timely interest for getting the corresponding book
published tentatively as a Christmas gift.
The printer - Frontier Group - will be able to
deliver the proceedings about 6 weeks after receiving the camera-ready. 
Therefore, the LOC will be extremely grateful for your paper to be posted, 
through ftp as above, in the directory:
cd /pub/from_users/ferlet/incoming
by the September 15 deadline.

Thank you very much in advance.

Good luck and very best wishes,


PS: we warmly thank those who have already posted their contributions
apologize for this useless message.