List of Poster presentations
ADUEVA  lala Cosmon Field & Inflation
BASHINSKY Sergei to be submitted later
BASTERO-GIL mar Leptogenesis by brane collision
BLIN alex h. Cosmological constant from quantum fluctuations of the metric
BUTEY bhavana TBA
CAPPI alberto Testing cosmological models with negative pressure
FRACKOWIAK michal Possibilities of determining evolution of dark energy.
GOHEER naureen Braneworld Dynamics of Inflationary Cosmologies with Exponential Potentials
KRANIOTIS georgios Exact solution of inhomogeneous cosmology with a cosmological constant
MOK ho ming A Possible Solution to the Cosmological Constant Problem by Discrete Space-time Hypothesis
NOURI-ZONOZ mohammad Gravitomagnetic microlensing by NUT space
PAVLUCHENKO sergey The generality of inflation in some closed FRW models with a scalar field.
PEDRO avelino Cosmological implications of defect evolution in bouncing universes.
Cosmological constraints on spatial variations of the vacuum density.
RUIZ-LAPUENTE pilar A slowly varying cosmological constant. 
Testing frictional dark energy with supernovae.
SEN anjan ananda Quintessence Model With Double Exponential Potential
SEN somasri Brans Dicke Cosmology and late time acceleration.
SERENO mauro Effects of quintessence on observations of Type Ia SuperNovae in the clumpy Universe
SHUMAKOV  fedor Creation of the Relativistic Gravitational Concept Models of the Universe
SUBRAMANIAM shankaranarayanan Probing the imprint of Planck scale physics in inflationary cosmology using CMBR observations
UNNIKRISHNAN c-s Evidence for a quantum origin of the Universe
YAHIRO manasobu Observational Contraints on Dark Radiation in Brane Cosmology