Research Talks Program

Monday 1st
14:00 HOEKSTRA Weak lensing results from the RCS
14:20 CARLBERG The CFHTLS Ultra-Deep Synoptic Program
14:40 WELLER Complementary probes of dark energy from future cluster and Supernovae surveys
15:00 SAHNI Statefinder - A new diagnostic of dark energy
15:20 VIANA Lambda from XCS
15:40 MATSUBARA Constraining Dark Energy from Intermediate-redshift Galaxies
16:00 Coffee break
16:30 CONTALDI High resolution CMB measurements from the CBI Interferometer
16:50 BENABED Lensing by large scale structures with quintessence
17:10 BATTYE Constraining dark energy using SZ surveys
17:30 MELCHIORRI The death of quintessence ?
18:30 Cocktail

Tuesday 2nd
14:00 BASSET CMB constraints on vacuum metamorphosis
14:20 RIAZUELO Cosmological observations in scalar-tensor quintessence
14:40 FUKUI Variable Lambda and m-z Relation
15:00 CORASANITI Dark energy effects in the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation
15:20 BLASCHKE Description of high-z SN Ia data in a non-expanding universe scenario
15:40 POGOSYAN Cosmological Parameters from recent CMB experiments


Coffee break
16:30 BARTOLO Quintessence and scalar-tensor gravity: hints to address some quintessential difficulties
16:50 ARBEY Scalar Fields as Dark Matter
17:10 AMENDOLA Coupled dark energy
17:30 FABRIS Structure formation in a Universe dominated by the Chaplygin gas
17:50 MAMON Measuring Lambda and Omega and constraining quintessence using very large-scale structures as standard rulers

Wednesday 3rd
14:00 PARKER Quantum Field Theory Mechanism for the Recent Acceleration of the Universe
14:20 DEFFAYET Cosmology of brane-induced gravity models
14:40 SHTANOV Braneworld models of dark energy

The Cosmic Coincidence Problem in the Brane World


Dark Energy from Extra Dimensions


Origin of small cosmological constant and brane-world


Coffee break
16:30 KEMPF

On the vacuum energy of fields on expanding space-times

16:50 KHOURY On the dark radiation term in brane-world cosmology
17:10 MCINNES Phantom Cosmology and dS/CFT Correspondence
17:30 MERSINI String signatures in the dark energy probing
17:50 MARTINS Extra Dimensions, Dark Energy and the Fine-structure Constant
18:10 DIMOPOULOS Quintessential Inflation with Branes

Thursday 4th
14:00 DE LA MACORRA Natural Quintessence with Gauge Coupling Unification
14:20 GONZÁLEZ-DÍAZ Accelerating Universe without Event Horizon
14:40 BERTOLAMI Quintessence and the Brane
15:00 PAVON Quintessence and Dissipation
15:20 Coffee break
15:40 ROSATI Scalar field potentials and attractors
16:00 STEINER Quintessence models in a hyperbolic Universe
16:20 NG Quintessence, primordial magnetic field, and changing alpha
16:40 ABRAMO Cosmological Perturbations in Dark Energy Models
19:00 Conference banquet at the Eiffel Tower

Friday 5th
14:00 SELJAK Ly-alpha forest constraints on dark energy
14:20 YOKOYAMA Degenerate vacua as the origin of dark energy
14:40 SALGADO Scalar-tensor theories of gravity: can they solve the coincidence problem of the cosmological constant ?
15:00 MOFFAT Quantum Gravity Resolution to the Cosmological Constant Problem
15:20 SCHWARZ Accelerated expansion without dark energy
15:40 SALATI Quintessence and the neutralino relic density
16:00  The End