XXIVth IAP Colloquium

Far away : light in the young universe at redshift beyond three

Monday July 7 to Friday July 11, 2008

List of ROCCA-VOLMERANGE's Presentation(s) ( Updated 20/01/2011 15:12:09 )

Precise if your presentation is oral or a poster : oral
Title of your presentation : Cosmic Star Formation History by galaxy types from optical to mid-IR surveys

The new 12um deep galaxy survey ISO-ESS on the ESO Sculptor survey area, allows a coherent analysis of optical-to-IR faint galaxy counts. Dust and star emissions are both interpreted by galaxy type with the evolutionary code PEGASE. We predict the number density excess revealed at ~0.3mJy from ISO (12um, 15um) and MIPS/Spitzer(24um) is due to a few dusty ellipticals ultra-luminous in the IR and apparently normal in the optical. No need of arbitrary high-z starbursts.
The resulting star formation history is high at early epochs, due to z>4 ellipticals. Their common properties with distant radio sources is discussed (Rocca-Volmerange, de Lapparent, Seymour, Fioc 2007, AA, 475, 801).

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