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Séminaire Univers /
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« KiDS-1000 cosmology results »

Marika Asgari
Royal Obs. Edinburgh (Edimbourg, Royaume-Uni)

The kilo degree survey (KiDS) is a purpose-built gravitational lensing survey with high quality images and a wide photometric coverage, resulting in very high fidelity data. This dataset, therefore, provides an excellent playground where we can test our methods in preparation for future weak lensing surveys. Cosmological constraints from weak lensing surveys are currently in mild tension with CMB analysis of the Planck data, a result which has sparked both skepticism and excitement within the community. In this talk I will show the latest results from the cosmic shear analysis of KiDS data and its combination with spectroscopic galaxy surveys. I will go through the systematics that can affect the results and methods to mitigate them.
mardi 6 octobre 2020 - 11:15
Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris
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