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Journal-club Galaxies

« (1) Tracing the evolution of galactic bulges and disks since z~0.8 »

Lidia Tasca
Lab. Astroph. Marseille (LAM) (Marseille, France)

I will present the first results of our analysis of the light evolution in galactic bulges and disks and on their environmental dependence. This is possible due to using the final zCOSMOS-bright sample of roughly 20.0000 galaxies with spectroscopic redshift, HST/ACS imaging and multi-wavelength information. We therefore have an accurate estimate of galaxy environment, physical properties and morphology. I will discuss the importance of studying the chronology of bulge and disk formation, by analysing the relative contributions of these two components at different cosmological epochs, to shade some light in understanding the formation and evolution of galaxies.
jeudi 3 février 2011 - 11:30
Salle 281, Institut d'Astrophysique
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