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« Investigating the chemical enrichment of local and high-redshift galaxies »

Ambra Nanni
National Centre for Nuclear Research (Varsovie, Pologne)

The chemical enrichment of galaxies is regulated by several physical processes: stellar birth and death, dust growth and destruction, galactic inflows and outflows. Understanding the interplay of such processes is essential in order to study the rise of metals and dust in the Universe, and to interpret the available and future observations of space- and ground-based telescopes operating at infrared and sub-millimeter wavelengths (e.g. Spitzer; ALMA; JWST). Despite the importance of such topics, the contribution of different stellar sources to the chemical enrichment of galaxies, e.g. massive stars exploding as Type II supernovae and low-mass stars, as well as the mechanisms driving the evolution of gas, metal and dust grains, remains controversial.
In this talk, I will revise our current knowledge on these physical processes and the observational challenges. I will then present the results of a recent investigation focused on local low-metallicity galaxies for which the evolution of metals, gas and dust content has been studied. In particular, I will show how the comparison between model predictions and observations can allow us to identify the most relevant physical processes determining the chemical evolution of these systems. I will then discuss how the information derived for local low-metallicity galaxies can be employed to study Lyman-Break Galaxies at the epoch of reionization, which are often considered to be their high-redshift counterparts.
jeudi 4 février 2021 - 11:30
Webinaire, Institut d'Astrophysique
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