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« Random flights in CMB »

Paulo Flose Reimberg

Consider a moving particle that leaves an origin and, always with constant speed and traveling in straight lines, scatters off randomly distributed obstacles. After each scattering the particle continues its movement in a uniformly distributed direction. This particle is said to perform a random flight. If we know the distribution of the lengths of the intermediate steps of the flight, we may ask the probability distribution for the net displacement of the particle from the origin after a given number of scatterings. I shall show that Boltzmann's equations describing CMB temperature and polarisation can be written in real space as averages over sources of the histories of photons' scatterings, and that the probability density for random flights is the measure for these averages.
mercredi 25 mars 2015 - 11:00
Salle des séminaires Évry Schatzman, Institut d'Astrophysique
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