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« A Wide-Area iubmillimeter Imaging and spectroscopy survey with the Chajnantor sub/millimeter survey telescope »

Sunil Golwala
California Inst. Technology (Caltech) (Pasadena, California, Etats-Unis d'Amérique)

We are developing a project to build a 30-m telescope
operating at wavelengths as short as 850 $\mu$m with
1 degree field of view for imaging and multi-object
spectroscopic surveys. With this project, we aim to:
trace the evolution of dusty, star-forming galaxies
from high redshift to the z $\sim 1-3$ epoch when
they dominate the cosmic star formation rate;
connect this population to the high-redshift
rest-frame UV/optical galaxy population; use
these dusty galaxies, the most biased overdensities,
to guide ultra-deep followup at $z > 3.5$ and
possibly $z > 7$; map the fragmentation structure
of molecular clouds, its connection to the stellar
initial mass function, and the episodic accretion
onto protostellar cores; determine how the rate and
efficiency of star formation in the Milky Way and
nearby galaxies depends on stellar mass, local
environment, and overall galaxy morphology;
characterize the evolution of galaxy clusters
via mergers, accretion, and energy injection
by correlating gas pressure, internal motions,
and temperature with other probes; and use galaxy
clusters to measure the universe’s peculiar
velocity field. We will describe the expected surveys
addressing these science goals, the novel telescope
design, and the planned survey instrumentation.
mardi 4 juillet 2017 - 11:15
Salle 281, Institut d'Astrophysique
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