Résumé / Abstract Seminaire_GReCO

"Introduction to torsional, teleparallel and f (T) gravity, and their cosmological applications"

E. Saridakis
Physics Division, National Technical Univ. Athens (Athènes, Grèce)

Torsion has been proved to be crucial in gauging gravity, which
is in turn a necessary step towards its quantization. On the other hand,
almost all the efforts in modifying gravity has been performed in the
usual curvature-based framework. We investigate the case where one
modifies gravity based on its torsional-teleparallel formulation, namely
the f(T) gravity paradigm, and its cosmological applications. Moreover, we
analyze the perturbations of the theory examining the growth history, we
construct a cosmological bounce, and we use solar system observations in
order to impose constraints on the f(T) forms. Additionally, we study the
case where T is nonminimally coupled to a scalar field, as well as other
extensions of the theory. Finally we analyze the charged black hole
solutions of the theory, performing a comparison between f(R) and f(T)

lundi 15 septembre 2014 - 11:00
Salle des séminaires Évry Schatzman,
Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris

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