Résumé / Abstract Seminaire_IAP
« The Galactic Planetary Census »

Greg Laughlin
Lick Obs., Univ. California Obs. (UCO) (Santa Cruz, California, Etats-Unis d'Amérique)

In this talk, I will give an overview of the current state of knowledge regarding extrasolar planets. My focus will be on several individual systems for which the parent star is bright, and for which both high-precision transit and radial velocity data are available. I will touch on the prospects for detecting additional planets in these systems using transit timing data, and I will give an overview of how the Spitzer Space telescope has been used (with great success) to observe extrasolar planets in the infrared. I will strive to connect the observations that have been obtained to global hydrodynamical simulations of the planetary atmospheres. The worlds observed so far have some commonalities, but it is clear that there is a tremendous amount of variation from planet to planet. I will also give an overview of what we can expect in the next year from space missions such as Warm Spitzer, and Epoxi, for which exoplanets play a vital and leading role.
vendredi 19 juin 2009 - 11:00
Salle des séminaires Évry Schatzman, Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris
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