Résumé / Abstract Seminaire_IAP
« Nonlinear large-scale structure in the halo model »

Jim Fry
Inst. Fund. Theory (IFT), Dept. Physics, Univ. Florida (Gainesville, Florida, Etats-Unis d'Amérique)

Over the last decade the so-called halo model has become an increasingly popular description of large-scale structure. The model has implications that go beyond its usual applications to the autocorrelation function or power spectrum in the nonlinear regime.

I examine how the model holds up in its predictions for distribution functions and for the strength and scale dependence of higher order correlation functions of both mass and number; I revisit the scaling behavior of void probabilities; and I present some future prospects.
vendredi 9 mars 2012 - 11:00
Amphithéâtre Henri Mineur, Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris
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