8th European Workshop on Collisionless Shocks


June 4-7th 2013, Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris (France)

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The series of "European Workshops on Collisionless Shocks" has been initiated at the Centre de Recherches en Physique de l'Environnement (named later Centre d'├ętudes des Environnements Terrestre et Planetaires - CETP), Issy les Moulineaux, in France, March 1991.

Collisionless shocks are met and/or invoked in a large variety of domains in Plasma Physics and cover different aspects such as:

The purpose of this Workshop is:

1) To bring closer together communities that are working on different kinds of discontinuities/shocks observed in laboratory and space collisionless plasmas.

2) To draw the attention of these different communities on areas where new diagnostics/analysis methods can be adapted to analyze the intrincated behavior of shocks.

3) To bring a better link between observational, numerical and theoretical results. This point is particularly relevant and a certain care is necessary for stimulating the use of appropriate diagnosis in order to improve the comparison.

4) To stimulate the interest of students and young scientists to the physics of shocks. A few tutorial talks will be presented on some specific topics. In addition, the informal aspect of the workshop is one important characteristic, which allows not only to go in more details in constructive remarks/criticisms, but also to encourage young scientists to present their own works. Presentations based on open questions as well as on results recently obtained will be welcome. Time will be dedicated to discussions.

For any information, please contact : bertrand.lembege@latmos.ipsl.fr