The Institut d'astrophysique de Paris wishes you an excellent year 2021!

The NewHorizon simulation models at very high resolution the formation of galaxies in relation to their environment. It numerically calculates the gravitational interaction of dark matter, stars, and gas, as well as the hydrodynamics of gas. Feedback processes, injecting energy into the gas through supernovae explosions and super-massive blackholes, are taken into account in order to realistically describe the evolution of glaxies. Thanks to its very high resolution, NewHorizon makes it possible to capture the fine structure of galaxies, whether it is the turbulence of the gas, the structured distribution of the latter between a hot and diffuse phase and a cold and dense phase, or the thinness of galactic disks. NewHorizon is thus a pioneering laboratory for studying the physical phenomena responsible for the structure of observed galaxies.

This simulation was born from an international collaboration between IAP, Yonsei University (Korea), Oxford University and the University of Hertfordshire (UK). It was carried out thanks to the Grand Équipement National de Calcul Intensif programme (GENCI, “Large National Equipment for Intensive Computing”), the Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information (KISTI), and the Horizon-Infinity computing machine hosted by IAP.

NewHorizon and IAP send you their best wishes for 2021!

To find out more: https://new.horizon-simulation.org/

Writing: Yohan Dubois and Valérie de Lapparent
Layout: Jean Mouette

December 2020

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