Speakers & Contributions

Wednesday July 8th
Session I : Galaxy Center, AGN/host galaxy relation, compact galaxies
  Review : The power of astrometry in the Galactic center S. Gillessen (MPE) PDF
  Structure of compact radio sources and the link with Gaia J. Roland (IAP) PDF
  The Gaia-ESO Survey and the interstellar extinction M. Schultheis (OCA) PDF
  High energy radiations (Galactic center and nearby AGNs) H. Sol (Obs. Paris-Meudon) PDF
  Discussion on the Galactic Center.    
  Review: Black hole mass determination with Gaia M. Vestergaard
(Niels Bohr Institute and University of Arizona, USA )
  Methods of selection of quasars I. Pâris (Trieste Obs) PDF
  Chasing off-center AGNs with Gaia S. Anton (IASS, Lisbone) PDF
  Star formation and black hole masses with Gaia B. Rocca-Volmerange (IAP) PDF
  Gaia and dwarf compact galaxies E. Livanou (Univ. Athens) PDF
  Discussion on AGN and star formation    

Thursday July 9th
Session II : The satellite Gaia: Present Status
  Review: Gaia state-of-the art and the main BP/RP results T. Prusti (ESA) PDF
  Review: A first glimpse at Gaia observations of quasars F. Mignard (OCA) PDF
  The extended objects of Gaia C. Ducourant (LAB Bordeaux) PDF
  Processing of Extragalactic Sources inside Gaia DPAC L. Galluccio (OCA) PDF
  Lensed QSO detection using Gaia: DPAC, data releases and methods A. Krone-Martins (CENTRA/SIM, Univ. Lisbon) PDF
Session III : The satellite Gaia: Extragalactic results, data processing and models
  Review: The Radial Velocity Spectrometer (RVS): a spectrograph on-board Gaia D. Katz (Obs. Paris Meudon) PDF
  Quasar redshift determination through weighted PCA L. Delchambre (Univ. Liège) PDF
  Gaia and the GRAVITY experiment T. Paumard (Obs Paris-Meudon) PDF
  GREAT Status updates, GREAT Gaia Research for European Astronomy Training N. Walton (IoA Cambridge) PDF
  Discussion on QSOs, Galaxies and clusters  
  Splinter meeting : the radio-optical reference off-sets (seminar room)  

Friday July 10th
Session IV : Astrometric catalogs and Reference systems
  Review : The construction of ICRF-2 and next ICRF3 C. Jacobs (JPL) PDF
  Multi wavelength reference frame activities B. Dorland (USNO) PDF
  Review : Astrometric catalogues  & radio-optical link N. Zacharias (USNO) PDF
  Aligning VLBI and Gaia extragalactic celestial reference frames: source selection G. Bourda (Obs.Bordeaux) PDF
  On the selection of astrometric radio sources for ICRF-GCRF link Z.Malkin Z.Malkin (Pulkovo) PDF
  Understanding the differences between radio and optical positions of ICRF sources V. Makarov (USNO) PDF
  The LQAC : presentation and applications to the ICRF C. Gattano (Obs. Paris) PDF
  A complete bank of optical images of the ICRF QSOs A. Andrei (GPA,RioJaneiro) PDF
  Ties between kinematics and dynamic reference frames J.Anderson (GFZ) PDF
  Investigation of EOP for VLBA calibration Survey sessions D. Mayer (FHG) PDF
  Final discussion : future of combined observational programs etc…  

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