Service National d'Observation SNO-4

This Service covers all technical aspects of the preparation, implementation, operation and follow-up of deep surveys with the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST). The aim is to carry out simulations to optimize the observation strategy, to characterize the analysis biases, to organize follow-up observations with other instruments, and to generate catalogs of physical parameters with their uncertainties. In a coordinated, regular and standardized way, the SNO will quickly make available to the community all the simulated and observed data, tools and high-level science catalogs that are used and produced by each participating OSU. The SNO4 deliverables will be accompanied by detailed documentation and disseminated via national databases (CDS, CeSAM / Aspic).

Three Observatories of Universe Sciences (OSU), each with its own expertise, make up this SNO to offer service tasks to the French community : The OSU of Lyon (OSUL), in charge of the coordination of the service, and the two OSU partners; the Institut d'astrophysique de Paris (IAP-UMR7095) and the Pytheas Institute (LAM-UMR7326). This SNO brings together French partner players involved in the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), with a significant contribution to the development of software instruments, tools and high-level science products.

Participating Institutes


The Team

Name Institute Email
Laurence Tresse CRAL laurence.tresse /at/
Stephane Charlot IAP stephane.charlot /at/
Hakim Atek IAP hakim.atek /at/
Jeremy Blaizot CRAL jeremy.blaizot /at/
Johan Richard CRAL johan.richard /at/
Jacopo Chevallard IAP chevallard /at/
Olivier Ilbert LAM olivier.ilbert /at/
Olivier Le Fevre LAM olivier.lefevre /at/
Léo Michel-Dansac CRAL leo.michel-dansac /at/
Roland Bacon CRAL roland.bacon /at/
Stephane Arnouts LAM stephane.arnouts /at/