The NEOGAL team is composed of an international group of astrophysicists, and one statistician, originating from 7 countries

     Anna Feltre   www

Postdoctoral Research Associate

AGN spectral modeling, ionizing sources in galaxies, multiband spectral diagnostics, AGN-starburst connection, galaxy evolution and formation

     Jacopo Chevallard   www

Postdoctoral Research Associate (now at ESTEC)

Development of methods and tools for galaxy SED modeling

      Stéphane Charlot   www

Principal Investigator

Galaxy spectral modeling

Emma Curtis-Lake

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Observations of galaxy evolution in the high-redshift Universe; stellar populations, sizes and morphologies

Julia Gutkin

PhD Student

Modeling and interpretation of the nebular emission from star-forming galaxies at ultraviolet and optical wavelengths, over a wide range of chemical compositions

Michaela Hirschmann

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Cosmological hydrodynamic simulations and semi-analytic models for the formation and evolution of galaxies: environmental effects, black-hole growth and active galactic nuclei, stellar and AGN feedback, stellar populations in massive galaxies, synthetic nebular emission lines

David C. Stenning

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Statistical modeling and analysis in astrophysics, astrostatistics, Bayesian techniques, machine learning; embedding of physics-based computer models into complex statistical models for inference


Alba Vidal-García

PhD Student

Modeling and interpretation of ultraviolet and optical galaxy spectra;  signatures of stars, the ionized and the neutral interstellar media

Aida Wofford

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Observations of nearby (z~0) and distant (z~7) massive-star populations and star-forming galaxies (far-ultraviolet to near-infrared imaging and spectroscopy); Lyα escape from star-forming galaxies; chemical enrichment of the ISM; synthetic spectra of star-forming regions