About me

I'm currently postdoc at the INRIA Grand-Est Nancy. I use computational methods such as N-body simulations and optimal transport algorithms to study the dynamics of dark matter in order to reproduce observational data highlighted by the Gaia mission.

My doctoral research at IAP focused on the nature of the dark matter and more particularly on the inconsistency of inner dark matter density profiles in dwarf galaxies, known as the cusp-core problem. I perform simulations with the high performance collisionless N-body code, Gothic. This gravitational octree code runs entirely on GPU with adaptive time steps. My high resolution approach is the pathway to high resolution that is far beyond that of any N-body simulation.

One of my current projets is to find a signature of the dark matter in globular clusters with the Gaia data. More generally, determining the nature of dark matter is the main purpose of my research. My work on globular clusters will be also pursued in the context of the JWST and Euclid mission.