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"Origin and Evolution of Galaxies"
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Journal-club "Galaxies"

This journal-club is an informal gathering for presenting and discussing the various subjects related to the formation and evolution of galaxies, and more generally extragalactic astrophysics. Projections of documents must be limited to a few essential figures.

Any interested person is welcome (contact V. de Lapparent).

The sessions last 45 minutes, and take place on

Thursday at 11:30 am
Room 281 at IAP

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Date Sujet Présenté par
jeudi 22 novembre 2018 Diversity of type Ia supernovae and their locations in galaxies
Lilit Barkhudaryan
Byurakan Astroph. Obs., Erevan, Arménie
jeudi 22 novembre 2018 The impact of spiral density waves on the star formation distribution: a view from core-collapse supernovae
MNRAS 2018 MNRAS 2016
Arpine Karapetyan
Byurakan Astroph. Obs., Erevan, Arménie

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Image : D1 Deep Field from the Legacy Survey of the Canada-France-Hawaï Telescope (CFHTLS)
TERAPIX Data Processing Center (CNRS/INSU - IAP - CEA)