June 4-7th 2013, Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris

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Time for presentations :

- Tutorial/Sollicited papers : 35 mns (30 + 5 mns for discussion)
- Contributed papers : 25 mns : 20 + 5 mns for discussion

Tuesday June 4th
Chairman : B. LEMBEGE / Terrestrial and planetary shocks
From 12 h 30 - On site registration and badge pick up
13:50-14:00 Welcome
14:00-14:35 G. Parks (sollicited) What we know about Collisionless shock from Earth's Bow Shock Observations ?
14:35-15:10 M. Scholer (sollicited) Role of microintabilities in the dynamics of supercritical quasi-perpendicular collisionless shocks
15:10-15:35 L. Muschietti and B. Lembège Microturbulence in the electron cyclotron frequency range at perpendicular supercritical shock
16:00-16:25 P. Hellinger et al. Three-dimensional simulations of quasi-perpendicular shocks
16:25-16:50 C. Mazelle and B. Lembège How to evidence the nonstationary dynamics of a supercritical quasi-perpendicular shock front from experimental data ? application to the terrestrial bow shock from the CLUSTER mission data
16:50-17:15 Remya. B., R.V. Reddy, B. T. Tsurutani,
G.S. Lakhina, E.Eche
Ion temperature anisotropy instabilities in planetary magnetosheaths

Wednesday June 5th
Chairman: G. PARKS / Terrestrial and planetary shocks (..continued)
9 h 00 - On site registration and badge pick up
09:30-9:55 A. Hull, L. Muschietti, C. Chaston,
D. Larson and F.S. Mozer
Observation and measurement of oblique whistler waves within Earth's perpendicular bow shock
09:55-10:20 C. Mazelle and B. Lembège Magnetic whistler wave packets in the front and upstream of quasi-perpendicular shocks
10:20-10:45 D. Sundkvist and F. S. Mozer Electron heating and energy partition at quasi-perpendicular shocks
11:15-11:40 L.B. Wilson III, D.G. Sibeck, A.W. Breneman,
O. Le Contel, C. Cully, D.L. Turner and V. Angelopoulos
Quantified Energy Dissipation Rates in the Terrestrial Bow Shock
11:40-12:05 A. Retinò, A. Masters, D. Sundkvist,
T. Chust, A. Vaivads, M. Fujimoto,
P. Canu, L. Hadid, F. Sahraoui, O. Le Contel
Cassini observations of whistler waves at high Mach number Saturn's shock wave
12:05-12:40 N. Romanelli, C. Bertucci and C. Mazelle Proton Cyclotron Waves Upstream from Mars: Observations from Mars Global Surveyor (solicited)
13:00 - Lunch
Chairman: C. MAZELLE / Planetary and terrestrial foreshocks
14:00-14:25 G. Parks The Possible Role of Upstream Nonlinear Structures in Earth's Bow Shock
14:25-15:00 L.B. Wilson III, A. Koval, D.G. Sibeck,
A. Szabo, C.A. Cattell, J.C. Kasper,
B.A. Maruca, M. Pulupa, C.S. Salem,
and M. Wilber (sollicited)
Shocklets, SLAMS, and field-aligned ion beams in the terrestrial foreshock
15:00-15:25 P. Savoini, B. Lembege and J. Stienlet Insight on the Earth's Ion Foreshock with the help of 2D Full-Particle simulation
16:00-16:35 K Meziane, A. M. Hamza and C. Mazelle (sollicited) On Beams Upstream of the Earth Bow Shock
16:35-17:10 C. Bertucci (sollicited) Collisionless planetary foreshocks
17:10-17:35 N. Andres, D. Gomez, C. Bertucci,
C. Mazelle, and M. K. Dougherty
Saturn's ULF wave foreshock boundary: Cassini observations

Thursday June 6th
Chairman : M. SCHOLER / Planetary and terrestrial foreshocks (...continued)
9 h 00 - On site registration and badge pick up
09:30-09:55 K. Meziane Particle Orbit at Shock: The Langevin Equation Approach
09:55-10:20 Xochitl Blanco-Cano. G. Le, S. Boardsen,
P. Chi, J. A. Slavin, B. J. Anderson, H Korth
Messenger observations of Mercury foreshock
10:20-10:55 H. Kucharek (sollicited) The new picture of the heliosphere: Voyager and IBEX observations
11:25-12:00 S. Matsukyio (sollicited) PIC simulations of the termination shock
12:00-12:25 M. Innocenti and Lapenta The new implicit adaptive Multi Level Multi Domain technique: which applications for collisionless shock physics
12:25-12:55 T. Amano and M. Hoshino Electron acceleration in planetary bow shocks and astrophysical shocks
13:00 - Lunch
Chairman : D. BURGESS / Astrophysics (…continued)
14:00-14:35 G. Pelletier, M. Lemoine and I. Plotnikov (sollicited) Collisionless Shocks in High Energy Astrophysics: an updated review
14:35-15:00 Lapenta, Kronberg, Colgate and Lovelace Observational characterization of currents and shock-related features in the Kpc-scale Jet from the radio galaxy 3C30C
15:00-15:25 F. Casse, A. Marcowith and R. Keppens Non-resonant streaming instability near magnetized relativistic astrophysical shocks
16:00-16:25 Y. Matsumoto, T. Amano, and M. Hoshino 2D PIC simulations of very High MA shocks and associated electron accelerations
16:25-16:50 C. Ruyer and L. Gremillet Simulations and modeling of Weibel-mediated collisionless shocks in electron-ion plasmas
16:50-17:15 R. Capdessus, S. P. Davis, M. Hadj-Bachir,
E. d'Humières, S. Jequier and  V. T. Tikhonchuk
Energy transfer in counter-propagating plasmas at sub-relativistic velocities

Friday, June 7th
Chairman: G. PELLETIER / Astrophysics (…continued)
9 h 00 - On site registration and badge pick up
09:30-09:55 Saito, M. Hoshino and T. Amano Stability of Cosmic Ray Modified Shocks
09:55-10:20 F. Fraschetti Turbulent Amplification of Magnetic Field Driven by Dynamo Effect at Rippled Shocks
10:20-10:45 D.B. Schaeffer, C. Niemann, C.G. Constantin,
E.E. Everson, A.S. Bondarenko, S.E. Clark, D. Winske,
W. Gekelman
Laser-Driven, Magnetized Collisionless Shocks on the Large Plasma Device
11:15-11:50 G. Mann, H. Aurass, H. Önel, and A. Warmuth (sollicited) On the role of slow-mode shocks in the reconnection region for generating energetic electrons during solar flares
11:45-12:15 P. Kajdic. X. Blanco-Cano, B. Lavraud,
J. A. Sauvaud, A. Opitz, L. K. Jian,
C. T. Russell, J. G. Luhmann, A. Rouillard,
Maksimovic M.
90 degrees enhancements of suprathermal electron picth angle distributions at interplanetary shocks
12:15-13:00 Discussion
13:00 - Lunch
Chairman: H. KUCHAREK / Shocks in solar physics / Interplanetary shocks (...continued)
14:00-14:25 L.B. Wilson III, A. Koval, A. Szabo,
A. Breneman, C.A. Cattell, K. Goetz,
P.J. Kellogg, K. Kersten, J.C. Kasper,
B.A. Maruca, and M. Pulupa
Observations of electromagnetic whistler precursors at supercritical interplanetary shocks
14:25-14:50 Xochitl Blanco-Cano. P. Kajdic, E. Aguilar-Rodríguez ,
C. T. Russell, L. K., Jian, J. G. Luhmann
Interplanetary shocks observed by STEREO
14:50-15:15 A. Kis, O. Agapitov, V. Krasnosselskik Gyro-surfing acceleration in front of the Earth's quasi-parallel bow shock as an effective injection mechanism
15:15-15:50 A. C.-L. Chian Turbulence and amplitude-phase synchronization at planetary and interplanetary shocks (sollicited)
15:50-16:00 Discussion
16 h 00 : Closure Party (free)