Lithium in the Cosmos 

February 2012, 27 / 29 - Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris

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In 1982, seminal work showed the puzzling behaviour of Lithium7 in low-metallicity, halo stars of our Galaxy. Those observations did in fact establish the paradigm of a Lithium7 abundance constant in stars spanning three orders of magnitude in metallicity. Since then, this finding has challenged our understanding of Stellar Atmospheres, Cosmological Nucleosynthesis and Stellar Formation environments, becoming known as the "Lithium Problem".
Thirty years later, this problem is far from being solved, yet these decades of activity have brought new observations and theoretical advances in the field of cosmology, stellar evolution, stellar atmospheres, cosmic ray and primordial nucleosynthesis, bringing together fields traditionally apart. By gathering together observers, stellar theorists and cosmologists we aim to discuss the latest findings in this long-lasting puzzle, hopefully shedding new light on this historic and yet fascinating problem of physics in the cosmos.

Scientific Organizing Committee :
Martin Asplund, Fabio Iocco, Karsten Jedamzik, Paolo Molaro, Monique Spite, Elisabeth Vangioni

Local Organizing Committee :
Piercarlo Bonifacio, Fabio Iocco, Elisabeth Vangioni

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