XXIVth IAP Colloquium

Far away : light in the young universe at redshift beyond three

Monday July 7 to Friday July 11, 2008

List of registered people

125 persons

Family NameFirst NameInstituteCountryAbstractType of presentation1=>Poster OK if not oralTitle of presentation
ABELTomKIPAC/StanfordUSA YesReview0How the First Stars Start Reionization
AGHAEEAlirezaUniversity of Sistan and Baluchestan; IPMIRAN YesPoster1Determination of the quasar continuum for high redshift highly luminous quasars
AHNKyungjinChosun UniversitySOUTH_KOREA Yesoral1The inhomogeneous background of H2 dissociating radiation during cosmic reionization
ATEKHakimIAPFRANCE Yesposter0On the reliability of Lyman-alpha emission line as a cosmological tool
BAEKSunghyeObservatoire de ParisFRANCE YesPoster1Simulated 21-cm signal from the epoch of reionization including full Ly-alpha transfer
BECKERGeorgeCarnegie ObservatoriesUSA YesOral0New Observations of Intergalactic Metals at z ~ 6
BERGEREdoPrinceton UniversityUSA YesInvi.Talk0GRBs and the ISM of High Redshift Galaxies
BOLTONJamesMax Planck Institute for AstrophysicsGERMANY YesOral0Is the IGM temperature-density relation inverted?
BONIFACIOPiercarloINAFITALYYesinvit. talk0Very low metal poor stars : ESO-LP
BOUWENSRychardUniversity of California, Santa CruzUSA YesReview0What Current Observations can Teach Us About Star-Forming Galaxies at z>=4
BREMERMalcolmH.H. Wills Physics LabUK YesInvi.Talk0The ESO Remote Galaxy Survey
CABANACRemiLATT, Univ. de Toulouse, CNRSFRANCEYesposter0The ISM of an Lyman-Break Galaxy at z = 3.8
CAMPISIMaria angelaMPAGERMANYNoposter1Host galaxies of Gamma Ray Burst in the Millennium simulation
CANTALUPOSebastianoETH ZurichSWITZERLAND Yesoral0Mapping HI during reionization with the Ly-alpha emission from QSO Ionization-fronts
CHENHsiao-wenDepartment of Astronomy & Astrophysics, University of ChicagoUSANooral0Distant Star-forming Galaxies Hosting Gamma-ray Bursts
CHOUDHURYTirthankar royInstitute of Astronomy, University of CambridgeUK YesOral0Probing the topology of reionization with 21 cm emission
CHRISTENSENLiseESO, ChileCHILENoposter1Quiescent halos of radio-quiet quasars
CIARDIBenedettaMax Planck Institute for AstrophysicsGERMANYNoReview0Review talk on feedback effects
CLÉMENTBenjaminLaboratoire d'Astrophysique de MarseilleFRANCENoposter1Probing the Sources of Reionization using Blank Field and Cluster surveys
COMBESFrancoiseObservatoire de ParisFRANCENoInvi.Talk0Poster Review-part I
COURBINFredericEcole Polytechnique Federale de LausanneSWITZERLAND YesOral0A deep search for z~9 Lyman alpha emitters at the VLT
COWIELenInstitute for AstronomyUK YesInvi.Talk0Concluding talk
CROCIANIDanielaBologna UniversityITALYNoPoster1E.O.R. in alternative cosmological scenarios
DAIGNEFrédéricInstitut d'Astrophysique de ParisFRANCE YesReview0High-redshift gamma-ray bursts
DALL AGLIOAldoAstrophysikalisches Institut PotsdamGERMANY YesPoster1Quasars ionizing their surroundings. A new cosmological tool.
DAVERomeelArizonaUSANoInvi.Talk0The Impact of Galactic Feedback on Early Galaxy Evolution
DAVIESLukeUniversity of BristolUK Yesposter0Deep Spectroscapy of z>5 objects in the BDF field
DEHARVENGJean-michelLaboratoire d'Astrophysique de MarseilleFRANCE Yesoral1Cosmic evolution of the Ly-alpha luminosity density
DEVRIENDTJulienUniversity of OxfordUK YesOral0On modelling the light emitted by the first galaxies
DI MATTEOPaolaObservatoire de ParisFRANCENoOral1The 21 cm signal EoR : full modelization of the Ly-alpha pumping
DOUGLASLauraObservatoire de ParisFRANCENoPoster1Spectroscopy of z~5 Galaxies
EGAMIEiichiSteward Observatory, University of ArizonaUSA Yesoral0HST/NICMOS and Spitzer/IRAC observations of 5.7 < z < 7 galaxies in the Subaru Deep Field
EKSTROMSylviaGeneva ObservatorySWITZERLAND Yesoral0Massive stellar models at zero metallicity and the production of 12C
EVOLICarmeloSISSA/ISASITALY YesPoster1Lithium production by cosmological cosmic rays during Milky Way evolution.
FANGANOAlessioArgelander-Institut fuer Astronomie der Universitaet BonnGERMANY YesPoster1Absorption Features of high-redshift galactic winds
FECHNERCoraPotsdam UniversityGERMANY Yesoral1Probing the intergalactic UV background with QSO absorption lines
FERNANDEZElizabethUniversity of Texas at AustinUSA Yesoral1Remnant light from the first stars in the Near Infrared Background
FINKELSTEINStevenArizona State UniversityUSA YesPoster1Title: The True Nature of Lyman Alpha Galaxies: A Tale of Two Populations
FONTANOTFabioMax-Planck-Institute for AstronomyGERMANY YesPoster0 The Luminosity Function of 3.5
FREYSandorFOMI Satellite Geodetic ObservatoryHUNGARY Yesposter0The 10-100 pc scale radio structure of the only radio-loud quasar at z>6
GALLERANISimonaELTEHUNGARY YesPoster1Looking for reionization tracks in the young Universe
GNEDINNickFermilabUSANoInvi.Talk0Escape fraction from galaxies
GREINERJochenMPE GarchingGERMANY YesInvi.Talk0Detecting high-z gamma-ray bursts
HAEHNELTMartin Institute of AstronomyUKNoReview0Early growth of supermassive black holes
HARKERGeraintKapteyn Astronomical InstituteNETHERLANDSNoPoster1Statistics to extract and analyze the 21cm signal from the Epoch of
IMMyungshinSeoul National UniversitySOUTH_KOREA Yesoral0SUPERMASSIVE BLACKHOLES OF QUASARS - AT WORLD'S END (4.5 < z < 6.5)
INOUEAkioOsaka Sangyo UniversityJAPAN YesPoster1On the detectability of the Lyman continuum from distant galaxies
IWATAIkuruNational Astronomical Observatory of JapanJAPAN YesPoster1Ionizing Radiation from Galaxies at z=3 through Wide-Field Narrow-Band Imaging
JAKOBSSONPalliUniversity of HertfordshireUK YesPoster0Building a Complete Sample of Swift Gamma-Ray Bursts
JELICViborKapteyn Astronomical Institute, RUGNETHERLANDS Yesposter0The foregrounds simulations for the LOFAR-EoR Experiment
KAJINOHirokiKyoto Univ.JAPAN Yesposter0Spectroscopy of Lyman Break Galaxies at z~5
KNEIBJean-paulLAMFRANCENoInvi.Talk0Observing the most distant Galaxies through Lenses
KRAMERRobanColumbia UniversityUSA Yesoral0 Calibrating the Use of Quasar Lyman Alpha Emission Lines as Probes of Reionization
LAPIAndreaDip. Fisica, Univ. ITALY YesPoster0Long Gamma-Ray Bursts and Their Host Galaxies at High Redshift
LE BORGNEDamienCEA SaclayFRANCE YesPoster0Cosmic star formation history from the mid and far infrared up to z =5
LEDOUXCedricEuropean Southern ObservatoryCHILENoposter0VLT/UVES spectroscopy of GRB optical afterglows
LEVANAndrewUniversity of WarwickUK Yesoral1A high redshift proto-cluster hosting a short GRB?
LIDZAdamHarvard CfAUSA YesOral1Detecting the Rise and Fall of 21 cm Fluctuations
LOEBAbrahamHarvard UniversityUSA YesReview0Overview on Reionization
MADAUPieroUniversity of California USANoInvi.Talk0The fossil records of reionization
MAIOUmbertoMax-Planck-Institut fuer AstrophysikGERMANY YesPoster1Impact of gas cooling on high redshift structure formation
MAIOLINORobertoOssarvatorio Astronomico di RomaITALY Yesoral1The evolution of the mass--metallicity relation at z>3
MAIZYAlexandreLaboratoire Astrophysique de Toulouse - Tarbes (UMR5572)FRANCE YesPoster1Looking for the first galaxies : Lensing or blank fields?
MALHOTRASangeetaArizona State UniversityFRANCE YesOral0Lyman alpha galaxies and Galaxy formation
MASELLIAntonellaMPAGERMANY Yesoral1Windows on the opaque Intergalactic Medium in the spectra of high-redshift Quasars
MAURINDavidLPNHEFRANCE YesPoster0Cosmological Cosmic Ray Production of Beryllium and Boron
MCGREERIanColumbia UniversityUSA Yesoral1Radio-Loud Quasars at high redshift
MELLEMAGarreltStockholm ObservatorySWEDENNoInvi.Talk021cm radiation from Reionization, the view from simulations
MESINGERAndreiUniversity of California at Los AngelesUSA Yesoral0Semi-Numeric Tools Applied to UV Radiative Feedback and Lya Damping Wing Constraints on Reionization
MUECKETJanAstrophysikalisches Institut Potsdam (AIP)GERMANY YesPoster0Probing the state of the IGM via the thermal and kinematic SZ effect
MUNOZJosephHarvard UniversityUSA Yesoral1Abundance and Clustering of the Most Massive Galaxies at z>6
NILSSONKimMax-Planck-Institut für AstronomieGERMANY YesOral0ELVIS - Emission Line galaxies with VISTA Survey
NORTHPierreLaboratoire d'Astrophysique de l'EPFLSWITZERLAND YesPoster0Deep VLT spectroscopy of Ly-alpha envelopes around z=4.5 RQQs
NOTERDAEMEPasquierInstitut d'Astrophysique de ParisFRANCENoPoster1Molecules in the interstellar medium at high redshift
OESCHPascalETH ZurichSWITZERLAND Yesoral0Constraints on Reionization from z-dropouts
OHTAKoujiDepartment of Astronomy, Kyoto Univ.JAPAN YesPoster1Stellar populations of LBGs at z~5 I : Stellar masses, ages, color excesses, and star formation rates
PACHOSPascalCenter for Astrophysics and Space ScienceAddress UKNo0
PELLORoserLATTFRANCE YesOral0Looking for star-forming galaxies at z>7 in lensing fields
PENTERICCILauraINAF-OARITALY Yesoral0The physical nature of high redshift Lyalpha emission galaxies
PETITJEANPatrickInstitut d'Astrophysique de ParisFRANCENo0
PIERLEONIMarcoMPAGERMANY YesPoster1Reionization effects on Ly_alpha spectra
RAITERAnnaEuropean Southern ObservatoryGERMANY Yesposter0Modeling the spectra of the first stars - nebular geometry and predictions for observations
RHOADSJamesArizona State UniversityUSA YesOral0Lyman Alpha Tests of Reionization
RICOTTIMassimoUniversity of MarylandUSANoInvi.Talk0X-rays from Primordial Black Holes and their effect on the CMB
RIPAMONTIEmanueleUniversita' dell'InsubriaITALY Yesoral1Effects of early black holes upon 21 cm radiation
ROCCA-VOLMERANGEBrigitteInstitut d'Astrophysique de ParisFRANCE Yesoral1Cosmic Star Formation History by galaxy types from optical to mid-IR surveys
ROLLINDEEmmanuelIAPFRANCE Yesoral1Cosmological perspectives on very metal poor stars
SAVAGLIOSandraMax-Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial PhysicsGERMANYNoReview0GRBs as tracers of the remote universe
SCHAERERDanielGeneva ObservatorySWITZERLAND YesReview0Lyman Alpha Emitters
SCHAYEJoopLeiden ObservatoryNETHERLANDSNoInvi.Talk0TBD
SEMELINBenoitObservatoire de ParisFRANCENo0
SHAPLEYAliceUCLAUSA Yesoral0Imaging Lyman Continuum Emission from Galaxies at z~3
SILKJoeDept of PhysicsUKNo0
SIMCOERobertMITUSA Yesoral0QSO Absorption Measurements of the z > 4 IGM
SRIANANDRaghunathanInter University Center for Asronomy & AstrophysicsINDIA YesOral1Probing the star formation history using the redshift evolution of luminosity functions
STANWAYElizabethUniversity of BristolUK YesOral1Rest-UV Studies of galaxies at z>=5
STEIDELCharlesCaltechUSA YesReview0Observations of Feedback Processes at High Redshift
SZYDLOWSKIMarek Astronomical Observatory, Jagiellonian University POLANDNoposter1 Cosmic reionization in the universes dominated by dark energy
TANIGUCHIYoshiakiResearch Center for Space and Cosmic Evolution, Ehime UniversityJAPAN YesInvi.Talk0Star Formation at High Redshift
TANVIRNialUniversity of LeicesterUK Yesoral1Observations of gamma-ray bursts at high redshift
TELLESEduardoUniversity of Virginia *on leave form Observatorio Nacional, BrazilUSA YesPoster1The L-sigma relation for HII galaxies - a benchmark for high redshift galactic masses and distances
TEPLITZHarrySpitzer Science CenterUSA Yesoral0The Lyman Continuum Escape Fraction at Moderate Redshift
TEPPER GARCÍAThorstenUniversität PotsdamGERMANYNoPoster1The cosmic flux decrement: A consistent picture?
TESCARIEdoardoINAF Trieste Astronomical Observatory DAUTITALY Yesposter0Properties of DLAs from high resolution hydro-dynamical simulations
THEUNSTominstitute for computational cosmologyUKNoReview0The IGM and reionization
THOMASRajat maniKapteyn Astronomical InstituteNETHERLANDS YesPoster0Simulation of 21(1+z) cm EoR signal for LOFAR
TISSERANDPatrickANU - RSAAAUSTRALIA YesPoster1The SkyMapper telescope and the High Redshift Quasars
TITTLEYEricInstitute for Astronomy, University of EdinburghUK YesPoster1Reionisation: Would you like your AGM medium, rare, or blue?
TYTLERDavidUCSDUSA Yesoral0Absorption in pairs of QSOs: absence of QSO feedback and winds from galaxies
VAN BETHLEHEMJakobKapteyn Astronomical InstituteNETHERLANDSYesposter0Simulating radiative transfer during the EOR using unstructured grids
VANGIONIElisabethInstitut d'Astrophysique de ParisFRANCENo0
VERGANISusannaDIAS-DCU, INAFIRELAND YesPoster1MgII and CIV absorbers along GRB lines of sight
VERHAMMEAnneObservatoire de geneveSWITZERLAND YesPoster1Constraints on gaz and stellar properties of z~3 LBGs from the fitting of their lya spectral line
VIELMatteoINAF-OATSITALY Yesoral0The high-redshift Lyman-alpha forest as a cosmological tool
VONLANTHENPatrickGRAAL - Université Montpellier IIFRANCENoposter0H2 and HD cooling in gravitational collapses
VREESWIJKPaulDark Cosmology Centre, University of CopenhagenDENMARK Yesoral0VLT/UVES survey of GRB afterglows
WHALENDanielLANLUSA Yesoral1How the First Stars Regulated Local Star Formation: Radiative Feedback
WORSECKGaborAstrophysikalisches Institut PotsdamGERMANY YesPoster1The transverse proximity effect in spectral hardness
YABEKiyotoDepartment of Astronomy, Kyoto Univ.JAPAN YesPoster1Stellar populations of LBGs at z~5 II : The stellar mass function and the stellar mass density
ZAROUBISaleemKapteyn Astronomical InstituteNETHERLANDSNoReview0Probing the EoR with the redshifted 21~cm line

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