Université Pierre et Marie Curie
XXVIth IAP Annual Colloquium

"Progenitors and environments of stellar explosions"
June 28 to july 2, 2010, Paris

List of posters

NameTitle of poster
BARBARY kyleThe SN Ia rate in high-redshift galaxy clusters and implications for progenitors
BLAKE sarahThe properties of Type Ia Supernovae and their host galaxies.
DE MINK selmaMassive binaries and the role of rotation on the evolution and final fate of massive stars.
FOLATELLI gaston Early-time Spectroscopic Evolution of Type Ia Supernovae
FRIEDJUNG michael The old nova HR Del
FROMHOLTZ raphaëlStudy of Type IA host galaxies in COSMOS field.
FUJIMOTO shin-ichiroAbundances of ejecta from neutrino-driven expsloion of massive stars
GUILET jérôme
HAKOBYAN artur The SN host galaxies in SDSS DR7
KOTAKE keiNeutrino-driven explosion of massive stars
KUNCARAYAKTI hanindyo SN 2008ax and its host galaxy environment
MORIYA takashiThe Interaction of Supernovae with Circumstellar Wind: the Case of SN 2009kf
PEJCHA ondrejThe Physics of the Neutrino Mechanism of Core-Collapse Supernovae
PEREZ-RENDON brendaEvolutionary effects of rotation in supernova progenitor stars and their circumstellar medium
PIGNATA giuliano The Peculiar Broad-Lined Type Ic Supernova 2009bb
VOLOSHINA irina Optical Study of Type Ia Supernovae Protogenitor Candidate Recurrent Nova RS Ophiuchi
WONGWATHANARAT annop Modelling mixing instabilities in supernova envelopes using the Yin-Yang grid
ZELAYA paulaA Spectropolarimetric Study of SNe 2007if and 2007le

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