Université Pierre et Marie Curie
XXVIth IAP Annual Colloquium

"Progenitors and environments of stellar explosions"
June 28 to july 2, 2010, Paris









Monday June 28 2010
09:45 Welcome - Introduction
Session 1 (2H15) (Chair: C. Kouveliotou)
10:00 PASTORELLO Supernova classification: focus on new supernova types I
10:30 DANZIGER SN1987A and its environment I
11:00 RABINAK The early UV/Optical emission from core-collapse supernovae
11:15 FRASER The progenitors and evolution of sub-luminous Type IIP supernovae
11:30 UTROBIN Type IIP supernovae: hydrodynamic models and progenitors
11:45 DESSART Non-LTE time-dependent radiative-transfer simulations of SN II-Plateau, II-peculiar, Ib, and Ic
12:00 BARON Hydrogen in Type Ib Supernovae
12:15 - 14:30 Lunch
Session 2 (1H30) (Chair: P. Antilogus)
14:30 SMARTT Identification of progenitors of core collapse supernovae I
15:00 VAN DYK Direct Identifications of Recent Core-Collapse Supernova Progenitors  
15:15 CANTIELLO Pulsation-Driven Super-Winds in Red Supergiants  
15:30 GONZALEZ Photometric Typing of Plateau Supernovae  
15:45 BERSTEN Physical Parameters of Type II-Plateau Supernovae  
16:00 Coffee Break
Session 3 (1H30) (Chair: M. Hamuy)
16:30 HEGER Presupernova Evolution of Massive Stars I
17:00 MEYNET Progenitors of CCSN from single rotating massive star models I
17:30 GEORGY The progenitors of supernovae at various metallicities  
17:45 HORIUCHI Physics potential of supernova neutrino and gamma ray detection  
18:00 Welcome cocktail

Tuesday June 29
Session 4 (1H30) (Chair: E. Baron)
09:00 LANGER Pre-SN Evolution of massive stars I
09:30 YOON Evolution and properties of Type Ib, Ic and IIb SN progenitors in binary systems  
09:45 CLAEYS Binary progenitor models of type IIb supernovae  
10:00 TANAKA Spectropolarimetry of Type Ib/c Supernovae  
10:15 METZGER Relic proto-stellar disks as an origin of circumstellar interaction in CCSN  
10:30 Coffee Break
Session 5 (1H30) (Chair: V. Utrobin)
11:00 NOMOTO Unusual supernovae and their progenitor I
11:30 PODSIADLOWSKI Binary models for the progenitors of peculiar supernovae I
12:00 GAL-YAM The fates of the most massive stars  
12:15 DANZIGER Dust in Supernovae  
12:30 - 14:00 Lunch
Session 6 (2H00) (Chair: M. Dennefeld)
14:00 ARCAVI Core-Collapse Supernovae from the Palomar Transient Factory: Indications for a Different Population in Dwarf Galaxies  
14:15 TOMINAGA High-z core-collapse supernova survey with shock breakouts  
14:30 BOTTICELLA An observational constraint on the mass range of CCSN progenitors  
14:45 BOISSIER Relative frequencies of SN types and metallicity of host galaxies  
15:00 MODJAZ Diagnostics for SN Ibc Progenitors: directly measured metallicities at the SN sites  
15:15 ANDERSON Stellar populations of nearby supernovae  
15:30 HABERGHAM Type Ibc supernovae in disturbed galaxies: evidence for a top-heavy IMF  
15:45 ELDRIDGE Constraining the nature of CCSN progenitors by synthetic stellar populations  
16:00 Coffee Break
Session 7 (1H30) (Chair: F. Patat)
16:30 MIRABEL Formation of black holes by implosion I
17:00 DAVIES The progenitors of neutron stars and magnetars  
17:15 MORENO MENDEZ Black-Hole Binaries As Relics of GRBs/HNe  
17:30 VERGANI GRB100316D/SN2010bh and the environments of GRB-SNe  
17:45 HASHIMOTO ``Dark'' GRB 080325 in a dusty massive galaxy at z~2  

Wednesday June 30
Session 8 (1H45) (Chair: J.L. Atteia)
09:00 SAVAGLIO Properties of galaxies hosting gamma-ray bursts I
09:30 KEWLEY The Mass-Metallicity Relation and the Isotropic Energy Release of LGRBs  
09:45 NIINO Luminosity Distribution of GRB host galaxies at z = 1 in Cosmological Simulations  
10:00 DISCUSSION CCSN and GRBs : Single vs binary stars (co-ordinator J.ELDRIDGE)  
10:45 Coffee Break
Session 9 (1H45) (Chair: F. Matteucci)
11:15 WILLIAMS Novae progenitors: observation and interpretation I
11:45 BARSUKOVA Progenitor and environment of the peculiar red nova V838 Mon  
12:00 GORANSKIJ The Nature of the Progenitor and the Remnant of Helium Nova V445 Puppis  
12:15 KATO Novae and Accreting WDs as SN Ia Progenitors I
13:00 - Lunch

Thursday July 1
Session 10 (1H30) (Chair: J. Danziger)
09:00 LIVIO On the Progenitors of Type Ia Supernovae I
09:30 PATAT Observational searches for Type Ia SN progenitors
09:45 KERZENDORF Progenitor searches in Historical Type SN Ia remnants
10:00 CHIOTELLIS The imprint of a symbiotic binary progenitor on the properties of Keplers SN remnant
10:15 POZNANSKI Fast and Mysterious: What are you SN 2002bj?
10:30Coffee Break
Session 11 (1H30) (Chair: M. Hernanz)
11:00 MIKOLAJEWSKA Symbiotic stars as possible progenitors of SNIa
11:15 MOHAMED Type Ia Supernovae from Mira-type Binaries
11:30 ISERN The impact of mergers in the mass distribution of white dwarfs
11:45 FOLEY Progenitors of the Peculiar SN 2002cx-like Type Ia Supernovae
12:00 GILFANOV Progenitors of Type Ia Supernovae in early type galaxies
12:15 HACHISU Supersoft X-ray Phase of Single Degenerate Type Ia Supernova Progenitors in Early Type Galaxies
12:30 - 14:00 Lunch
Session 12 (2H00) (Chair: J. Isern)
14:15 YAMANAKA Early Phase Observations of the Extremely Luminous Type Ia SN 2009dc
14:30 KAMIYA Light Curve Models for Super-Chandrasekhar Candidate SN 2009d
14:45 KROMER New results on sub-Chandrasekhar mass explosions of White Dwarfs
15:00 FORSTER Simplified mild carbon burning in hot white dwarf interiors
15:15 MAEDA Observational Diagnostics of Asymmetry in SNe Ia and Implications for Progenitors and Cosmology
15:30 PAKMOR Type Ia supernovae from white dwarf mergers
15:45 MATTEUCCI The effect of different Type Ia SN progenitors on galactic chemical enrichment
16:00 Coffee Break
Session 13 (2H00) (Chair: S. Mereghetti)
16:30 SULLIVAN Type Ia Supernovae and their host galaxies I
17:00 GREGGIO The rates of SNIa: a theoretical viewpoint I
17:30 CHILDRESS  Type Ia Supernovae in Low-Metallicity Galaxies
17:45 TUCKER UV-IR Properties of Type Ia Supernova Host Galaxies
18:00 STANISHEV Host galaxies of nearby SNe Ia as viewed with integral field spectroscopy
18:15 REGOS Probing SN progenitor evolution with Hubble diagram at z > 1.5
19:00 - IAP Medal Award
20:00 - Farewell Dinner, in Paris Observatory

Friday July 2
Session 14 (1H30) (Chair: R. Pain)
09:00 NICHOL Supernovae in the SDSS, DES and Euclid
09:15 MAOZ The quest for the SN Ia delay function: 4 approaches
09:30 BRANDT The Ages of Type Ia Supernova Progenitors
09:45 OKUMURA SN Ia Rate Dependence on Host Galaxy Properties in Subaru SXDS and Implications for Delay Time Distribution
10:00 MENNEKENS Delay time distribution of type Ia supernovae: theory vs. observation
10:15 KONISHI Host Galaxy Environments on Type Ia Supernovae
10:30 Coffee Break
Session 15 (2H00)(Chair: R. Mochkovitch)
11:00 KOBAYASHI Progenitors of Type Ia Supernova and Chemodynamical Evolution of Galaxies
11:15 PRANTZOS Metallicity dependence of SNIa/CCSN rate
11:30 BROWN The Ultraviolet Properties of Supernovae
11:45 LEIBUNDGUT Current and forthcoming surveys of SN I
12:15 DISCUSSION SNIa: SD vs DD, sub-Ch vs super-Ch etc.(co-ordinator K.NOMOTO)

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