34th IAP Conference:
Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris, June 25-29, 2018

Massive black holes in evolving galaxies: from quasars to quiescence


Monday 25th June

09:15 Welcome
Session 1: Black hole-galaxy scaling relations and demography (local)
09:30 Local Massive Black Holes and Scaling Relations Chung-Pei Ma abstract
10:10 Probing the origin of supermassive black hole seeds with nearby dwarf galaxies Amy Reines abstract
10:40 Looking for dwarf black holes in the nearly Universe Paulina Lira abstract
11:00 Searching for and characterizing black holes in dwarf galaxies Vivienne Baldassare abstract
11:20 Break
11:50 Reverberation-Based Black Hole Masses and Scaling Relationships Bradley Peterson abstract
12:10 Correlating the total mass of galaxy clusters and the BH mass of the brightest cluster galaxies Akos Bogdan abstract
12:30 Black holes at the extremes: the low- and high-mass end of the scaling relations Mar Mezcua abstract
12:50 Calibrating the Black Hole Mass Scaling Relations Vardha N. Bennert abstract
13:10 Lunch
14:30 SMBH coevolution challenged by nearby fossil red nuggets Anna Ferre-Mateu abstract
14:50 The stellar and gas dynamics of a changing-look AGN Sandra Raimundo abstract
Session 2: Predictions and constraints on the cosmic evolution of black holes and host galaxies
15:10 The next frontier of Massive Galaxies and Quasars at the Cosmic Dawn Tiziana Di Matteo abstract
15:50 Zooming in on gas accretion onto supermassive black hole progenitors Ricarda Beckmann abstract
16:10 Chasing the observational signatures of seed BHs at z>7 Rosa Valiante abstract
16:30 Break
17:00 Co-evolution of galaxies & black holes? -- Insights from galaxy formation models & cosmological, hydrodynamic simulations Michaela Hirschmann abstract
17:30 The co-evolution of black holes and their galaxies Yohan Dubois abstract
18:00 Black hole-galaxy co-evolution in the FIRE simulations Daniel Angles-Alcazar abstract
18:20 The multiplicity of ALMA Compact Array counterparts of the IR-brightest SDSS quasars Evanthia Hatziminaoglou abstract
18:40 End
19:00 Cocktail


Tuesday 26th June

Session 3: Downsizing/quenching/environment/clustering
09:00 Review of AGN Clustering and Environment Results Alison Coil abstract
09:40 The multi-scale interplay between black hole and galaxy growth Stéphanie Juneau abstract
10:10 Linking galaxy morphology to AGN activity Mélanie Habouzit abstract
10:30 Break
11:00 Black hole-regulated star formation in massive galaxies Ignacio Martin-Navarro abstract
11:20 Compactification, mergers and quenching in CARLA clusters and proto-clusters at z>1.5 Simona Mei abstract
Session 4: Role of massive black hole mergers in black hole growth
11:40 Understanding the merger - AGN connection Laura Blecha abstract
12:20 Active Super Massive Black Holes Binaries embedded in gaseous circum-binaries discs: How fast they shrink? Luciano Del Valle Bertoni abstract
12:40 Flash Talks
13:10 Lunch
14:30 The birth of a supermassive black hole binary Hugo Pfister abstract
14:50 Recoiling Supermassive Black Hole Escape Velocities from Dark Matter Halos Nicolas Choksi abstract
Session 5: Predictions and constraints on the cosmic evolution of AGN populations
15:20 The Cosmic Evolution of Black Holes: Trends & Outliers Daniel Stern abstract
16:00 High redshift AGN: the ATHENA perspective Andrea Comastri abstract
16:20 Break
16:50 Constraining AGN Feedback With the Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Effect Evan Scannapieco abstract
17:10 Radio AGN populations and their cosmic evolution Elaine Sadler abstract
17:40 Large, Multi-Wavelength Surveys and the Cosmic Evolution of Quasars Adam Myers abstract
18:10 Massive black holes at high redshift Yuxiang Qin abstract
18:30 End


Wednesday 27th June

Session 6: Physics of accretion: accretion discs, jet production
09:00 Challenges in Understanding Luminous AGN Accretion Flows Omer Blaes abstract
09:40 Organized Magnetic Fields and Black Hole Growth Mitchell Begelman abstract
10:00 The disk-corona relation in quasars: a new standard candle Guido Risaliti abstract
Session 7: Interface of black hole accretion and star formation (SFR vs BHAR)
10:20 The star formation - AGN connection Ryan Hickox abstract
11:00 Break
11:30 Mergers Feedback and star formation in the young universe Hagai Netzer abstract
11:50 The signature of AGN feedback on the global star-formation properties of AGN over z~0-3 Dave Alexander abstract
12:10 Black-Hole Growth: Suppression by SN and Trigger by Compaction Avishai Dekel abstract
12:30 Comparing the interplay between SMBH accretion and SF at the bright and the faint end of the AGN luminosity function Federica Duras abstract
12:50 Galaxy mergers triggering black hole growth at z~1 Andy Goulding abstract
13:10 End


Thursday 28th June

Session 8: Black hole-galaxy scaling relations and demography (high-redshift)
09:30 Unveiling the past evolution of the AGN-host galaxy relation with X-ray surveys Andrea Merloni abstract
9:40 Surveys of luminous quasars during the epoch of reionization Xiaohui Fan abstract
10:10 The growth of black holes in massive halos at high redshift Robert Feldmann abstract
10:30 The Diverse Host Galaxies of the Most Massive Dusty Quasars at z=2.5 Manda Banerji abstract
10:50 Break
11:20 Mapping the Stellar Content of Galaxies Hosting The Fastest Growing SMBHs at z~5, and in their Surroundings Benny Trakhtenbrot abstract
11:40 The blackhole mass - galaxy mass relation at high z Alessandro Marconi abstract
12:00 Characterization of AGN variability in the optical and near infrared regimes Paula Sanchez abstract
12:20 Supercritical accretion Massimo Dotti abstract
12:40 Flash talks
13:10 Lunch
14:30 Do changing-look AGN hold clues to black hole accretion and fueling? Marianne Vestergaard abstract
Session 9: Interstellar, circumgalactic and intergalactic medium
14:50 TBD Philippe Salomé abstract
15:30 High Redshift Quasars: Constraining their Lifetime and the Epoch of Reionization Anna-Christina Eilers abstract
15:50 The ALMA view of molecular tori in nearby AGN Santiago Garcia-Burillo abstract
16:20 Break
16:50 The interstellar medium in quasars at the dawn of cosmic time Roberto Decarli abstract
17:10 Kinematics and dynamics of molecular gas in high redshift quasars Alessandro Lupi abstract
17:30 Quasars Probing Quasars: The Circumgalactic Medium Surrounding z ~ 2 Quasars Marie Wingyee Lau abstract
17:50 Lack of black hole growth in high redshift dwarf galaxies and implications for reionization Maxime Trebitsch abstract
18:10 End
19:30 Banquet


Friday 29th June

Session 10: AGN feedback, quasar winds, jets
09:30 Observations of AGN feedback Nadia Zakamska abstract
10:10 AGN fueling and feedback with high-resolution ALMA observations Françoise Combes abstract
10:30 Observations of distant powerful radio galaxies: On the road to quenching massive galaxies in the early Universe Matthew Lehnert abstract
10:50 Break
11:20 The long-term variability of AGN and their feedback outflows Kastytis Zubovas abstract
11:50 A Direct Comparison between Molecular and Ionised Outflows in Local Galaxies Andrin Flütsch abstract
12:10 A Song of Fire and Feedback: The Role of Large-Scale, AGN-Driven Outflows in Quenching Star Formation Michael Tremmel abstract
12:30 Lunch
14:00 Numerical study of AGN feedback in an isolated elliptical galaxy Feng Yuan abstract
14:20 AGN feedback studies: combining SINFONI and ALMA Vincenzo Mainieri abstract
14:40 Extreme fluctuations in Lyman-alpha opacity at high redshift: evidence for a population of faint AGN? Sarah Bosman abstract
15:00 Impact of relativistic jets from AGNs on the ISM of their host galaxies Dipanjan Mukherjee abstract
15:20 Selection bias in dynamically-measured super-massive black hole samples and its consequences Francesco Shankar abstract
15:40 Conclusions
16:00 End


Contact: conferenceIAP2018@iap.fr