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Journal-club Galaxies

These journal-clubs are weekly meetings to present and discuss the group’s multiples subjects of study about the formation and evolution of galaxies, as well as extragalactic astrophysics and cosmology. Due to the informal nature of this journal-club, the presentations are limited to a few essential figures and points for discussion. The sessions last between 45 mn and one hour, and take place on Thursday at 11:30 am.

 Contact: Valérie de Lapparent

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    Thursday 28 June 2018
    Aida Wofford (UNAM, Mexique)
    "A comprehensive comparative test of spectral synthesis models against COS and MUSE observations of one of the most metal-poor starburst galaxies known"
    Invited by : DE LAPPARENT Valérie
    Salle 281 - 11:30
    Thursday 05 July 2018
    Ting-Wen Lan
    Kavli Inst. Physics Mathematics Universe, Univ. Tokyo, Kashiwa, Japon
    "Probing the circumgalactic medium with SDSS" (ApJ 2018ApJ 2017)
    Invited by : SILK Joseph and DE LAPPARENT Valérie
    Salle 281 - 11:30
    Thursday 04 October 2018
    Irina Dvorkin
    Max-Planck-Institut für Gravitationsphysik (Albert Einstein Institut), Potsdam-Golm, Allemagne
    Title of the seminar is coming soon
    Invited by : DE LAPPARENT Valérie
    Salle 281 - 11:30


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