Résumé / Abstract Seminaire_GReCO

"Where are the PeVatrons?"

Pierre Cristofari

The search for cosmic particle accelerators capable of reaching the PeV ($10^{15}$ eV) range, PeVatrons, is a crucial science target of the very-high-energy (gamma-ray domain $\sim$ TeV= $10^{12}$ eV) community. Such accelerators are essential in the context of the problem of the origin of Galactic cosmic rays, and more generally, in order to understand the physical mechanisms involved in the production of PeV particles. Subsequent to the acceleration of PeV particles, the production of gamma rays in the 100 TeV range is expected. Explorations in this energy domain are thus natural in the search for PeVatrons, where gamma—ray instruments are already accumulating data. Relying on Monte Carlo simulations, we explore the capabilities of current instruments to identify the most promising candidates.

lundi 25 mars 2019 - 11:00
Salle des séminaires Évry Schatzman,
Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris

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