Résumé / Abstract Seminaire_IAP
« Acceleration and transport of cosmic rays »

Pasquale Blasi
Fisica, Gran Sasso Science Institute (L'Aquila, Italie)

While the discovery of cosmic rays dates back to more than a century ago, many aspects of the understanding of how they originate and how they propagate through the Galaxy remain rather poorly understood. The most prominent difficulty in figuring out these aspects is the strong action that cosmic rays play on the environment in which their transport take place. I will focus on the discussion of the collisionless interaction between cosmic rays and the accelerator or the galaxy or the intergalactic medium (depending on the problem at hand) so as to stressing how such interaction affects some of the most basic concepts we usually adopt to describe the origin of cosmic rays. I will also discuss how these ideas affect the interpretation of data from AMS-02 and other recent experiments.
vendredi 28 septembre 2018 - 11:00
Amphithéâtre Henri Mineur, Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris
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