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ECL-Support group

The Euclid mission is under the responsibility of Yannick Mellier, Euclid Consortium Lead (ECL) and IAP staff researcher. To assist the ECL and ensure the effective operation of the Euclid Consortium and its good relationships with ESA and other Euclid partners an ECL-Support group has been set up. This group is settled at IAP.

On December 1st 2016, the ECL-Support group includes:

  • the ECL, who is also the head of the whole IAP Euclid team (Yannick Mellier; IAP and CEA research associate)
  • a Euclid Advisory and Coordination Support Lead (Michel Berthé; CEA and IAP research associate)
  • the Euclid Consortium System Engineer (Jérôme Amiaux CEA; and IAP research associate)
  • the engineer in charge of the Euclid Consortium management control (Eugénie Girin; IAP - CNES)
  • the head of the Euclid Consortium communication group (Eugénie Girin; IAP - CNES;
  • the IAP local Euclid project manager and contact point for the ESA RSSD Euclid Consortium accounts (Catherine Grenet; IAP)
  • the core of the Euclid Consortium Communication group (namely, for IAP, Frédéric Magnard and Jean-Philippe Uzan)
  • a project assistant secretary (Nitaya Singsengsouvanh; IAP - CNES).

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