Monique Aller

Mapping extragalactic dust with multi-wavelength imaging of backlit galaxy pairs

Gonzalo Aniano
Modeling dust and starlight in galaxies observed by Spitzer and Herschel: NGC628 and NGC6946
Common-resolution convolution kernels for space- and ground-based telescopes
Pedro Beirão

A Study of heating and cooling of the ISM in NGC 1097 with Herschel-PACS and Spitzer-IRS

Jeronimo Bernard-Salas

Tracing the gas across the Orion Bar photo-dissociation region with Herschel/PACS-SPIRE

Matthieu Béthermin Probing the dust emission of the faint high-redshift infrared galaxies
Simona Bovinelli

Star formation in low-metallicity dwarf starbursts

Denis Burgarella

Dust attenuation in (faint) Lyman Break Galaxies: new evidence from Herschel

Diane Cormier

Dust heating and gas cooling in low-metallicity dwarf galaxies with Herschel

Alison Crocker
The diffuse fraction of PAH emission in spirals
Kevin Croxal

Fishing for the FIR line deficit in the local swimming hole: heating and cooling of extragalactic ISMs in early KINGFISH data

Rafael Eufrasio

The resolved star formation rate in the nearby Fireworks Galaxy: NGC6946

David Fallest

Carbonaceous dust from core-collapse supernovae: a path to an improved theory

Nicolas Gaudin Dust mass in chemodynamical simulations
Elodie Giovannoli

The CIGALE code, a Bayesian-like analysis of galaxy SEDs from UV to IR, application to Herschel data

Sébastien Heinis The bivariate UV/FIR luminosity function at z=1.5
Cinthya Herrera

Observing and modelling dust and gas emission from molecular clouds in the LMC

Oskar Karczewski Modelling Blue Compact Dwarf galaxies with MOCASSIN
Jongwan Ko A WISE view of E+A galaxies
Vianney Lebouteiller

Interplay between star-formation and the ISM in Local Group galaxies resolved with Herschel

Yiming Li A golden standard of SFR: initial results from CFHT
Fumiko Nagaya

Dependence to physical quantities of dust extinction and galaxy evolution

Pasquale Panuzzo The Herschel view of the LMC
The Herschel view of the SMC
Bogdan Pastrav

The effects of dust on the derived photometric parameters of disks and bulges in spiral galaxies

Aurélie Rémy

Characterising the FIR/submm emission of dwarf galaxies: first results of the Herschel key program, the Dwarf Galaxies Survey

Julia Roman-Duval Herschel/PACS data reduction of the HERITAGE project
Akane Sakurai

Star formation and dust extinction properties of local galaxies seen from AKARI and GALEX

Maria Salatino Average properties of interstellar dust in the Carina nebula
Ramin Skibba

The emission by dust and stars of nearby galaxies in the Herschel KINGFISH survey

Juan Soler

BLAST-Pol, the Balloon-borne Large Aperture Submillimeter Telescope for Polarimetry

Sundar Srinivasan

Modelling the near- and mid-IR SED of galaxies with improved treatment of AGB dust

Rosa Valiante The origin of dust in high redshift QSOs
Ronin Wu The first Herschel FTS look of M83
Svitlana Zhukovska Modeling of the life cycle of dust in the LMC
Stefano Zibetti Interstellar dust growth: near and far