XXVth IAP Annual Colloquium


6-10 July 2009, Paris

Topic 1 : Local Starbursts (3)
ATEK Hakim Is Lyman-alpha physics the same across redshift? 1
LEITET Elisabeth Constraints on the escape of Lyman-alpha photons: inferences from higher order lines using the FUSE satellite 2
OTI Hector Evolutionary state of the Lyman Alpha Emitter Haro 2 3
Topic 2 : Lyman-alpha emitters, Lyman Break Galaxies (15)
BLAND-HAWTHORN Joss Shocks: a signature of Galactic accretion 4
DE BARROS Stéphane Properties of star forming galaxies and LAEs at different redshift 5
GUAITA Lucia Lyman Alpha Emitting Galaxies at z=2.1: Understanding the Formation of Present-day L* Galaxies 7
MCLINDEN Emily The nature of Lyman alpha galaxies at z~3.1: A wide-field narrowband survey in the 2 sq. degree COSMOS field 8
MORIMOTO Nana Searching for Luminous Core-Collapsed Supernovae in a High-z Proto-Cluster 9
NAKAMURA Yuki Properties of Large Equivalent Width Objects 10
PENTERICCI Laura The physical and morphological properties of high redshft Lyalpha emitting galaxies 11
PIRZKAL Nor z~5 EL galaxies, ACS grsim spectro, masses 12
RODRIGUEZ-ESPINOSA Jose miguel The z=3.1 Lyα Emission line galaxy properties 13
SCARLATA Claudia What determines the Lya bright phase: clues from a sample of z=4.2 lya emitters. 14
SHANKS Tom The VLT VIMOS LBG Redshift Survey 15
SHIOYA Yasuhiro Properties of Lyman alpha emitters at z=4.86 and z=5.70 in the COSMOS 2 square degree field 16
YABE  Kiyoto The Stellar Populations of Lyman Break Galaxies at z~5 in the GOODS- N/MODS 17
YUMA Suraphong Stellar populations of LAEs at z=4.86: A comparison to LBGs 18
ZHENG Zhenya X-ray properties of the z ~ 4.5 Lyman alpha Emitters at CDF-S and ECDF-S 19
Topic 3 : Other Lyman-alpha sources (Lya blobs, sub-mm galaxies, radio galaxies, AGN) (5)
NORTH Pierre Lyman-alpha envelopes of z=4.5 quasars 20
RAITER Anna Ly alpha - NIV] emitter 21
SHIMIZU ikko Hidden AGNs in Type II LAEs 22
VAN DE VOORT Freeke Lighting up cold gas accretion through Lyman-alpha emission 23
ZIRM Andrew Evolution of Lyman-alpha Halos Around Powerful Radio Galaxies 24
Topic 4 : Lyman-alpha absorption systems (5)
AGHAEE Ali The continuum of quasars in the Lyman-alpha forest 25
CHRISTENSEN Lise Lyman alpha emission from DLA galaxies 26
GUIMARAES Rodney Damped and sub-damped Lyman-α absorbers in z > 4 QSOs 27
OKOSHI Katsuya HI-selected Galaxies As a Probe of Ly-alpha Absorption Systems 28
VERGANI Susanna Excess of MgII and DLA systems along GRB lines of sight 29
Topic 5 : Searches for the highest redshift galaxies (6)
CLÉMENT Benjamin Probing the high-redshift Lyman-a Luminosity Function from using spectroscopic and narrow-band imaging surveys 30
INFANTE Leopoldo Search for Ly_alpha galaxies at z>7 31
IYE Masanori Subaru survey for z=7.3 LAE population 32
VENEMANS Bram Galaxies at z=7.7: results from DAzLE 34
YAN Haojing Magellan Very High-redshift Lya Emitter Survey 35
Topic 6 : Cosmic reionisation, cosmological uses of Lyman-alpha, Lyman continuum escape (7)
BRIDGE Carrie The Escape Fraction at z=0.7: Evidence for Evolution 36
DAYAL Pratika Unveiling the nature of Lyman Alpha Emitters 37
JEESON DANIEL Akila Study of Re-ionization using Ly-alpha Emitters 38
WISNIOSKI Emily Leaking Galaxies in the WiggleZ Dark Energy Survey 39
WORSECK Gabor Probing HeII reionization with GALEX-selected quasar sightlines 40
YAJIMA Hidenobu The escape of ionizing photons from high-z Lyman alpha emitters 41
ZHENG Zheng Modeling Lyman Alpha Emitters Around the End of Reionization 42
Topic 7 : Lyman-alpha and UV radiation transfer modelling in galaxies and at cosmological scales (7)
BLAIZOT Jeremy Semi-analytic models of galaxy formation at z > 2 43
FORERO-ROMERO Jaime Simulated Lyman-Alpha Emitters at z ~ 5 44
GAREL Thibault Semi-analytic predictions of Lyman alpha emitters 45
KOLLMEIER Juna Lyman-alpha Emission at high-z: Predictions Meet Observations 46
SAMUI Saumyadip Semi-analytical models of high redshift Lyman-alpha emitters 47
SEON Kwangil Dust-scattering in turbulent media 48
SHET TILVI Vithal A simple physical model of Lyman-alpha emitters 49
Topic 8 : Future instruments and surveys (3)
CRISTIANI Stefano The Lyman-alpha forest as a cosmological and cosmogonical probe: The ESPRESSO and CODEX 50
HENRY Alaina Searching for LAEs at z>5.5 with WFC3 grism spectroscopy 51
KOECHLIN Laurent Fresnel Imager UV Space Mission 52
Other topics (3)
VALLINOTTO Alberto Lenses in the forest: cross-correlation of Lyman-a flux and CMB convergence 53
CABANAC Rémi Lensed Lyman-a Galaxies at z>3 54
MORET-BAILLY Jacques Spectroscopy of a Strömgren system 55