Université Pierre et Marie Curie
XXVth IAP Annual Colloquium

6-10 July 2009, Paris










There are three types of presentations :

  • Invited Review (IR) 45 mn
  • Invited Talk (IT) 30mn
  • Oral contribution (OT) 15mn

All times include questions

We will provide a PC and MAC laptop for the presentations. Participants are requested to bring their presentation on a USB key and load it on the laptop beforehand.  

Posters will be displayed during the entire conference and presented during the poster review on Wednesday 8.

Monday 6 july 2009
08:00 Continental Breakfast in the lobby of the IAP
09:30 KUNTH D. Welcome
Topic 1: Local Starbursts
09:40 MAS-HESSE M. Local Lyman alpha emitters IR
10:25 ÖSTLIN G. Lyman alpha imaging of starbursts in the local Universe IT
10:55 Mallery R. Lyman Alpha Emitters at z~0.3 in COSMOS and AEGIS  
11:10 Scarlata C. Stellar and Nebular Properties of Ly-a Emitters at Low Redshift  
11:25 Coffee Break
Topic 2: Lyman-alpha emitters, Lyman Break Galaxies
12:00 SHAPLEY A. Relation between Lyman alpha emitters, LBGs and related objects. IR
12:45 HU E. Looking High and Low --Unifying studies of Lyman Alpha Galaxies at High and Low Redshift IT
13:15 - 15:00 Lunch break
15:00 Finkelstein S. Evolution of Lyman Alpha Galaxies Over ~ 9 Gyr of Cosmic Time  
15:15 Nilsson K. Observations of the Lyman-alpha Universe at z ~ 2  
15:30 Reddy N. Number Density Evolution and Dust Properties of LAEs at z>~2  
15:45 Hayes M. DoubleBlind:A super deep Lyman-alpha and H-alpha survey at z=2.2  
16:00 Sawicki M. Stellar and halo masses of z~2 galaxies: SFR dependence on stellar mass and the shut-down of star formation in the most massive halos  
16:15 Gronwall C. Physical Properties of Ly-alpha Emitters at z=3.1  
16:30 Coffee Break
17:00 Francke H. Clustering properties of z=3.1 LAEs in MUSYC  
17:15 Vanzella E. Spectroscopic Observations of Lyman-Break Galaxies/Emitters at Redshift ~ 4, 5 and 6 in the GOODS-South Field  
17:30 Ono Y. Stellar Populations of Lyman Alpha Emitters at z=3-4 investigated by the Deep Large Area Surveys in the Subaru-SXDS/UKIDSS-UDS Field  
17:45 Stark D. The Evolution of LAEs and LBGs at z=3-8  

Tuesday 7 july 2009
08:30 Continental Breakfast in the lobby of the IAP
09:00 Le Fèvre O. VVDS: LF and SFR from 200 spectroscopically faint LAE with 2<z<6.6  
09:15 Capak P. The mass and continuum luminosity function of  Ly-alpha emitters at z=5.7  
09:30 Dressler A. Slope of the Faint-end Luminosity Function at z=5.75  
09:45 Malhotra S. Redshift Evolution of Lyman-alpha galaxies  
Topic 3: Other Lyman alpha sources (Lya blobs, sub-mm galaxies, radio galaxies, AGN)
10:00 YAMADA T. Relation between Lyman alpha Blobs and their connection with sub-mm sources and AGNs IR
10:45 FOSBURY R. Radiogalaxies as Lyman alpha emitters IT
11:15 Coffee Break
11:45 Dijkstra M A Model for Lya Blobs  
12:00 Matsuda Y. A Panoramic Search for Lyman-alpha Blobs at z=3  
12:15 Raiter A. High redshift nebulae ionized by very hot stars.  
12:30 Milvang-Jensen B. Lyman alpha emission from GRB host galaxies  
12:45-14:45 Lunch break
Topic 4: Lyman-alpha absorption systems
14:45 RAUCH M DLAs, faint Lya emitters and the IGM IR
15:30 Pontzen A. DLAs,GRB-DLAs and Implications for Galaxy Formation  
15:45 Barnes L. Lya emission and radiative transfer in DLAs  
16:00 Noterdaeme P. The distribution and evolution of neutral gas in the Universe from damped Lyman alpha systems  
16:15 Break
16:30 - 18:00 IAP medal ceremony and collation

Wednesday 8 july 2009
08:30 Continental Breakfast in the lobby of the IAP
09:00 Peroux C. H-alpha emission detections of Damped Lyman-alpha Absorbers with VLT/SINFONI.  
Topic 5: Searches for the highest redshift galaxies (z>6)
09:15 KNEIB J.P. Searches of Ly-alpha emitters beyond z~6 IT
09:45 Bunker A. Lyman-alpha from galaxies at redshift 6  
10:00 Venemans B. A Ly-alpha Narrow Band Survey at z=7.7 with WIRCam/CFHT  
10:15 Ota K. New Deeper Surveys of z=7 Ly-alpha Emitters in the Subaru Deep Fields: Implications for Galaxy Evolution and Reionization  
10:30 Bouwens R. UV LF and Dust Evolution in LBG selections to z~8: An Important Context for understanding and interpreting the evolution of LAE galaxies  
10:45 Illingworth G. Cosmic Star Formation and Stellar Mass Density to z~7-8: Star Formation in the Reionization Epoch  
11:00 Coffee Break
11:30 PETITJEAN P. Topic 1 - 4  
12:15 COWIE L Topic 5 - 8  
Thursday 9 july 2009
08:30 Continental Breakfast in the lobby of the IAP
Topic 6: Cosmic reionisation, cosmological uses of Lyman-alpha, Lyman continuum escape
09:00 FERRARA A. How do Lyman alpha emitters constrain reionisation IR
09:45 CEN R. From Lyman Alpha Forest to Lyman Alpha Emitters: Probing Cosmological Reionization IT
10:15 Siana B. Strong Evidence for an Evolving Escape Fraction  
10:30 Coffee Break
11:00 Cantalupo S. Ly-alpha emission from the high-redshift IGM  
11:15 Dall Aglio Aldo The high redshift evolution of the cosmic UV background photoionisation rate  
11:30 Mesinger A. Challenges in Interpreting Lyman-alpha Absorption at High-Redshifts  
11:45 Iliev, I. Effects of Reionization on Ly-a Emitter Observability  
12:00 Rhoads J. The 2009 View of Lyman Alpha at z>6  
12:15 Weinberg D. SDSS-III/BOSS: observing BAO with the Ly-alpha forest  
12:30 - 14:30 Lunch Break
Topic 7: Lyman-alpha and UV radiation transfer modelling in galaxies and at cosmological scales
14:30 DEKEL A. Cold Streams as Lyman alpha absorbers and emitters IT
15:00 SCHAERER D. Lyman-alpha and UV radiation transfer modeling in galaxies IR
15:45 Lacey C. Semi-analytical modelling of LAE evolution  
16:00 Laursen P. Lya escape from simulated galaxies including effects of dust  
16:15 Coffee Break
16:45 Verhamme A. Lya radiation transfer effects in simulated galaxies  
17:00 NAGAMINE K. Modelling from number counts, semi analytical approaches of LAEs/LBGs IR
17:45 Mori M. Formation and Evolution of Lyman-alpha Emitters  

Friday 10 july 2009
08:30 Continental Breakfast in the lobby of the IAP
09:00 Kobayashi, M. Semi-Analytic Model for high-z LAEs  
09:15 Orsi A. The Clustering of Ly-alpha emitters in a LCDM Universe  
Topic 8: Future instruments and surveys
09:30 CUBY J-G. Investigating Lyman-alpha emitters with ELTs IT
10:00 Hammer F. Properties of z=0.65 starbursts and future studies with E-ELT  
10:30 Coffee Break
11:00 DENNEFELD M Current UV projects in SPACE IT
11:30 Gomez De Castro A.I. Lyman alpha surveys with the WSO-UV  
11:45 Guiderdoni B. Investigating Lyman-alpha emitters with MUSE....  
12:00 Cepa J. OSIRIS: surveying the lyman-alpha universe from z = 7 to 2  
12:15 Hill G. Ly-alpha Emitters from the HETDEX Survey  
12:30 CONCLUDING remarks: Taniguchi Y.
13:00 END of conference

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